[Japan Sports Association in Japan] The 2019 first fair play school was held in Minato Ward, Tokyo’s Oita Elementary School!


Japan Sports Association We held the first fair play school in 2019 at Oda Elementary School in Minato-ku, Tokyo! ………………………………………………………………………………………… JSPO (formal name: Japan Sports Association Tokyo Sports Association, Shinjuku, Tokyo / Chairman Masatoshi Ito), which creates an environment for “doing”, “supporting” and “seeing and expressing” sports, is July 11 (Thu) Tokyo The 2019 first fair play school was held in Minato Ward Oita Elementary School. With the fair play school, former top athletes who are active in the world visit elementary and junior high schools and special support schools across the country to teach children about the spirit and behavior of fair play, and give lectures and sports experience classes on fair play. It is an effort to do. On the day, a former swimmer and Olympic medalist Hoshino Natsumi was used as a lecturer, and 59 fourth graders at the school learned about fair play. In the fair play episode by three representative children, it is important to have a feeling of compassion and gratitude, and a fair play episode of the contents such as greetings and shaking hands, etc. being able to be met through positive feelings of engagement is announced The In addition, after the lecture on fair play, I used the ball to do a trick with the ball as an experience class, and practiced the fair play I learned. A total of 10 schools will be held nationwide this year, including this year’s Fair Play School. [Image 1

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【July 11 (Thu) Fair play school conduct contents】 ・ Fair play support group (AKB 48 team 8) fair play support movie screening ・ Fair play episode reading by representative children ・ About lecturer comment … fair play ・ Sports experience class
◆ With “fair play lively Japan” campaign At JSPO, we believe that fair play nurtured through sports should be able to contribute to the creation of people, communities and nations that will strengthen society, and to instill the axis of fair play in the world since 2011 I am doing the campaign. Looking to the coming 2020, Japan attracts attention from the world. With the aim of spreading the spirit of fair play and aiming for a society in which Japan is full of fair play, we want to welcome customers from all over the world in Japan, which has become a society full of fair play. For that purpose, I would like to send a message to all over Japan without stopping this spread to sports people. Official site: https://www.japan-sports.or.jp/fair/
◆ Activity contents of campaign support group AKB 48 team 8 “enlighten Japan with fair play” In 2017, AKB 48 Team 8 was appointed to the cheering party of the “Enlighten Japan with Fair Play” campaign. In order to expand the circle of fair play, AKB 48 Team 8 is engaged in activities such as participation in cheering message videos and fair play schools published on the official site.
◆ With fair play that JSPO thinks JSPO’s idea of ​​fair play is roughly divided into two: “fair play as action” and “fair play spirit”. Sports compete against opponents (records) and aim for victory under defined rules. In order to establish a sport, we have to do a fair play such as “follow the rules”, “respect the referee and the opponent” and “do our best to fight and win or lose or not lose” It will not be. However, in the case of sports, it is necessary to respect the opponent who is trying to prevent yourself with the same purpose of making it difficult and the same rule of making it difficult in the desire to win. I will. In such a situation, a solid mind (soul) is required to be devoted to fair play. The mind that can make a judgment that is not embarrassing when you ask your own mind, that is the fair play spirit. Action and spirit are inseparable. That’s why I think these two fair plays are essential to truly enjoying sports.
◆ About JSPO (Japan Sports Association) JSPO was founded in July 1911 as the Dainippon Physical Education Association for the purpose of “promotion of national sports” and “improvement of international competition power”. After the Japan Physical Education Association, it became the present name on April 1, 2018. At JSPO, holding sports competitions covering generations such as the National Sports Festival and the Japan Sports Masters, creating sports venues such as the Sports Boys’ Group and the Comprehensive Community Sports Club, and fostering sports leaders who support the fun of sports, Everybody voluntarily develops a wide range of businesses to “play”, “support”, “see and express” sports, such as promoting sports based on the latest medicine and science. In addition, as a unified organization of sports in Japan, we cooperate with various sports related organizations / organizations and individuals such as the country and more than 60 competition groups, 47 prefectures sports and physical education associations. In the 2019 Taiga drama “Idaten”, appearing as an important role leading the main character, Kanoro Juroro is the first president of JSPO, and JSPO is also the stage of “Idaten”. [Image 3

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