Summer vacation soon! We introduce summer of Suzuka Circuit that we can enjoy with swimsuit one day!

Suzuka Circuit Summer vacation soon! We introduce summer of Suzuka Circuit that we can enjoy with swimsuit one day! 2019 Suzuka Circuit pool, event information ………………………………………………………………………………………… “Animal adventure pool” “Aqua adventure” opened this year too. Unpredictable water tricks were added to the flowing pool “Adventure River” this year, and it appeared with power-up. In addition, the event “SPLASH PARTY TIME!” Will be held at Yuenchi “Mortopia”, where you can enjoy the entire body getting wet. This time, we will introduce the Suzuka Circuit, where you can enjoy a day in a swimsuit, before the summer vacation. [Video 2:]
At Suzuka Circuit, the “Everybody’s Adventure Pool” Aqua Adventure will open until September 8, 2019 (Saturday). There are 5 pools and 3 sliders in this pool, which can be enjoyed according to age and growth. An unpredictable water trap has appeared in the flowing river “Adventure River” that has been upgraded this year. [Image 1

【Holy cup of courage】 It is a device of water falling at a stretch from a place 5 m high. As the water discharge approaches, the sound of “Kankan” becomes more tense. [Image 2

【Abare Fountain】 Abare Fountain, first introduced in Japan as a fountain system installed in a flowing pool, is a mechanism that sprinkles water in all directions. [Image 3

【Doppon bucket】 A doggy bucket with eight buckets hanging does not know when and from which bucket the water will fall. We will hold a wet event “SPLASH PARTY TIME!” In the park. This event is an event that can be enjoyed by getting wet at the attraction “Para Sailor” of Yuenchi “Motopia”. The Suzuka Circuit characters “Kochira Family” will be the water delivery staff and deliver water to customers. [Image 4

【SPLASH PARTY TIME!】 Date: Saturday, Sunday, July 29 (Sat)-July 15, Mon. Every day from July 20 (Sat) to September 1 (Sun) Time: 13:30 to 14:30 * Event staff will release water from 13:00 to 13:30 and 14:30 to 15:00. [Image 5

Other than that, you can ride on the swim point of Yuenchi “Motopia” attractions, and enjoy the Suzuka Circuit as a swim day.

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