【Event information】 Enjoy the traditional New Zealand crafts in Tokyo this summer!

Te Puia Enjoy traditional New Zealand crafts in Tokyo this summer! -“Tuku Iho Legacy Legacy” held at Roppongi in the near future of Maori arts and crafts and performance of Kapa Haka- ………………………………………………………………………………………… With the support of the Government of New Zealand and Air New Zealand, the “Takuku IHO Legacy” exhibition will be showcased in Tokyo, showing New Zealand indigenous and Maori arts and crafts and performing arts. This “Tucu Legacy inherited” exhibition is a unique exhibition that travels around the world for the purpose of enlightening New Zealand culture. [Image 1

Get in touch with Maori traditional crafts and contemporary art! The New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts School (base: New Zealand Rotorua), which was opened for the purpose of inheriting the culture of indigenous people and Maori in New Zealand (base: New Zealand Rotorua), was sponsored by the New Zealand government for the purpose of introducing Maori culture, and was held worldwide. We will hold the “Taku Iku inherited legacy” exhibition (free entry) at Tokyo Midtown from August 1st (Thu) to 31st (Sat). The exhibition showcases more than 50 Maori works of art such as stone and bone, Pounham (green stone) sculptures and wood carvings, textiles, bronze work, etc. created by the teachers and students of the school, as well as Pounham and wood. You can also enjoy the demonstration of traditional sculptures using. [Image 2

[Image 3

Let’s have a close look at Maori’s traditional performing arts Kapa Haka (Performing Arts)! “Mr. Kapa Haka” is the origin of Haka’s Maori dance performance, famous for being shown before the rugby match starts. Rotorua Boys High School and Rotorua Girls High School’s mixed-sex team “Laukla”, who won the New Zealand National High School Kapa Haka Tournament last year, is a powerful force from August 1 (Thu) to 14 (Wed) We will present a certain Kapa Haka in Tokyo Midtown (*). In addition, “Laukla” will perform at various locations throughout Tokyo during the period. [Image 4

Organizer representative comment Kiri Atkinson-Clean: “TUKU IHO Legacy Legacy” Exhibition Project Leader: “The legacy” TUKU IHO legacy “is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of New Zealand’s culture and traditions in Japan, which is expected to see an increase in topics related to New Zealand this year. Between Maori and Japanese culture There are many things in common, such as traditional stories, classical dance, traditional art, and the importance of ancient heritage in modern society.This world-wide exhibition offers people of different races and cultures all over the world. The aim is to share the Maori culture and to interact through indigenous cultures while providing an opportunity to discuss ethnic identity and traditions from a broad perspective. ” Sending the latest information on official New Zealand related SNS The latest information on “TUKU IHO Legacy Legacy” exhibition and related events will be sent as needed through Air New Zealand sponsored by the exhibition and the official New Zealand SNS account of Tourism New Zealand.

◆ “TUKU IHO Legacy Legacy” Exhibition Event Summary

■ Holding period: August 1 (Thursday) to 31 (Saturday) 10:00 to 18:00 ※ Closed on Tuesday. Closed at 14:30 on August 1st (Thursday) for a private exhibition.
■ Venue: 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Gallery 3 (Tokyo Midtown Midtown Garden)
■ Access: http://www.2121designsight.jp/gallery3/
■ Entrance fee: free
■ Exhibition: Over 50 M50ori traditional and contemporary art works such as stone and bone, pounham (green stone) sculptures and wood sculptures, textiles, bronze work, etc. created by teachers and students of Maori Arts and Crafts School in New Zealand Exhibit. Until August 14 (Wed), we will also perform traditional sculptures using pounamu and wood. Event Name: “TUKU IHO Legacy Legacy” Exhibition
■ Periodium: August 1 (Thu)-14 (Wed)
■ Performance time: weekdays from 13:00 to 13:20 (※ closed on Tuesdays), Saturdays and Sundays from 13:00 to 13:20, 15:00 to 15:20 Venue: Tokyo Midtown Courtyard (Akasaka, Minato-ku)
■ Access: https://www.tokyo-midtown.com/jp/facilities/event/download/pdf/courtyard_map.pdf
■ Entrance fee: free Event Name: “TUKU IHO Legacy Legacy” Exhibition Cultural Exchange
■ Period date: August 3rd (Sat) 11: 00-11: 20 Venue: Akiyoshi Kanda (2-16-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokanda)
■ Access: https://www.kandamyoujin.or.jp/access/
■ Entrance fee: free Air New Zealand ・ Official website: https://www.airnewzealand.jp/ ・ Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AirNZJP/ ・ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/AirNZJP Tourism New Zealand ・ Official website: https://www.newzealand.com/jp/ ・ Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purenewzealand ・ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/purenzinjapan About “TUKU IHO Legacy Legacy” Exhibition The “TUKU IHO legacy” exhibition is a highly successful exhibition event from 2013 onwards in China, Malaysia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, North America, etc., with the support of the New Zealand government and others. . In Japan, it was held for the first time in Hokkaido from April to May 2019. This exhibition is in line with the mission of the New Zealand Maori School of Arts and Crafts to protect, encourage and render Maori arts, crafts and culture. The New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts School is responsible for Te Puia’s cultural heritage department, acting as a government-based company under the Maori Arts and Crafts Institute Act enacted in 1963 in New Zealand for the purpose of protecting Maori arts and crafts culture. .

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