We want to increase the chances of encountering apple cats (cat AIDS virus carrier) with foster parents! From Nekoripa Nakano Store to Ochanomizu Store,

Cat Republic Corporation We want to increase the chances of encountering apple cats (cat AIDS virus carrier) with foster parents! From Nekoripa Nakano Store to Ochanomizu Store, Apple cats are protected cats that have a slight handicap on their handing over an AIDS virus carrier. Such apple cats made a big move to spread the chance of new encounter all at once. ………………………………………………………………………………………… On July 17, 2019, apple cats (cat AIDS virus carrier) of NekoRepublic Tokyo Nakano branch moved to the water shop of the same tea. At the Ochanomizu Store, we will set up an apple cat room where customers can come and go freely as they interact with other cats and aim to promote the transfer of apple cats. [Image 1

Necroi Public Co., Ltd. (Head office location: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Representative director: Asuka Kawase), which operates businesses related to protected cats, such as the cat cafe “Neko Republic” and the brand shop “NECOREPA /” that can help cats. Neko Republic Nakano shop (〒 164-0001 Nakano-ku Nakano-ku 5-68-9 AK Building 3F) to Ochanomizu shop (〒 113-0034 Bunkyo-ku Yushima 3- 1 to 9 CRANE Building 4F) with an apple cat and a foster parent We moved the cats to increase the chance of encounters. [Image 2

The thought that I put in the “apple cat” The “apple cat” is a nickname of cats by the cat AIDS virus carrier, devised by Neko Republic. The virus never infects humans and other animals. Even between cats, you can not tell unless there is a fairly thick contact, such as mating or violent fights. In addition, since it only holds the virus and does not develop the disease, it does not require any special medication or treatment, and it can live like a virus-negative cat. In addition, it takes 10 to 15 years until the onset, and it is said that many of them do not develop onset and complete Tenju. (The lifespan of a fully domesticated cat averages about 15 to 20 years) However, the reality that the image coming from the name of the disease always precedes, is feared more than necessary, and is not eligible for transfer continues unfortunately. Therefore, at Neko Republic, we call it “apple cat” with enlightenment of the right knowledge and the desire to have closeness. In addition, in order to spread apple cat, we establish December 12 apple cat day. [Image 3

Realities of apple cats On July 1, 2016, NekoRepublic Tokyo Nakano branch was opened as a protection cat cafe specializing in apple cats. Three years since then, about 30 cats have been welcomed as a family. On the other hand, because there are several cats staying in the store waiting for your relationship for more than a year, we made the decision with the thought of the cats happy. [Image 4

I want to fill the gap I often hear it as an image of an apple cat, ・ Because there are chronic diseases ・ It seems that it takes special care, etc. ・ I am afraid to get infected with humans and living animals It is like that. However, from those who received the apple cat as a family, ・ It is pretty without any difference with other cats ・ Being fine enough to usually forget that it is a career ・ If you have the right knowledge you will not be scared We have received a positive voice. In order to fill the gap between these images and reality, we have been struggling daily by holding educational events and disseminating information. At that time, it was time to empty one of the rooms at the Ochanomizu Store, which had strong sales, so I realized the movement that had a concept that had been for a long time. [Image 5

The merit of moving Among Neko Republic’s affiliated companies, the number of visitors and transfer results have maintained a high level of water at a tea shop. More than 230 cats were transferred in four years since the opening (as of July 2019). Customers who wish to transfer protective cats are also visiting from afar. By spending time in such places, I believe that the chances of having a good encounter with apple cats will increase and the possibility of being welcomed as a family will increase. From July 17th, one of the three cat rooms in the Ochanomizu Store has been designated as a private room for apple cats, allowing customers to freely return to the three rooms. In the same store, apple cat and other cats will be a new system that can freely interact with each other. I’d like to get rid of the barriers of “because it’s a virus carrier” and “because it’s not so” and feel as a single cat, “I want to live with this child”. That’s Neko Republic’s wish. [Image 6

The future of Nakano store The Nakano store welcomes cats that are not apple cats and will continue to operate as a protected cat cafe. For example, in an environment where a compact Nakano store can be rewarded, such as many people and cats that are not good at cats, we will continue to connect the cats in the future. ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
● What is “neko republic” It is a protected cat cafe that is operating with the goal of zero killing of cats by Japanese administration by February 22, 2022. It is also a place to look for foster parents of protected cats, a place to propose fashionable and wonderful lifestyles with cats, and as a place to help cats feel free and fun, currently operates seven stores of protected cat cafes nationwide. You are It’s not just a cat cafe. Aiming for zero kills. The philosophy of “neko republic” is “Enjoying cat help”. It is also a place where you can learn about protection cat activities and knowledge related to protection cats, and we are operating a store to generate profits and to promote protection cat activities with the profits. People who love cats can help them by gathering and enjoying them. In addition, people who were not interested in cats are also healed by touching cute cats and aim to be a chance to get to know the problems of cats. 【Contact Us】 Neko Republic Tokyo Ochanomizu Store tel: 03-5826-8920 mail: neco-tokyo@neco-republic.jp Ochanomizu shop face book page https://www.facebook.com/necorepublicTOKYO Nakano store Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/necorepublicNAKANO ー ー ー ー ー ー ー 【Company Profile】 Business Name: Cat Republic Ltd. Representative: Representative director: Asuka Kawase Location: 〒 502-0857 Gifu Gifu City Masaki 1982-4 Business description: Protective cat cafe management business, etc.

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