【Shufu JOB Research Institute】 One year since the introduction of Kids Week. Is recognition and introduction advancing? Introduction “I do not know” 83.7%

Bee style One year since the introduction of Kids Week. Is recognition and introduction advancing? Introduction “I do not know” 83.7% “Yes” for Kids Week introduction 32.3%, “opposite” 8.6%, “I do not know” 59.1%-Shufu JOB Soken- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Shufu JOB Research Institute, a research institute specializing in housewives, is a research center for “Shufu JOB” (business operator: B-style Inc. / Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Kunihiko Mihara) As we conducted a questionnaire survey on working housewives, we report below. (694 valid responses)
■ Summary of survey results [Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/3176/table/377_1.jpg”>

1. 83.7% “I did not know” that Kids Week has been introduced since last year [Image 1

2. I actually “introduce” Kids Week in the area where I live 8.0% [Image 2

3. 32.3% agree with the introduction of Kids Week, 8.6% disagree with [Image 3

4. Kids week introduction recognition recognition, the pros and cons ratio comparison [Image 4

5. From free comment よ り From free comment (age: employment form) ・ As much as possible, it is better to have time with children (fifties: not working now) ・ We can make memories of parent and child (60s: SOHO / home work) ・ I think that it is better to disperse it because tourist spots and transportation facilities are mixed if everyone’s vacation time is all at the same time (fifties: not working now) ・ There is a need to work more often, and it is necessary to create even more time with children, but if the local government also supports it, it is easy for adults to rest (30s: full-time employees) ・ There are many children who are not at home because their parents work at summer vacation, so I think it’s very good that the children and parents can act together in the decentralization of holidays (50s: temporary staff) ・ I think work is also important, but I think spending time with children is not so long in my life (50s: temporary staff) ・ Because I think if I can take a break with my parents and children, I do not have to worry about nursery schools etc. (40’s: not working now) ・ It is easy to make travel plans (40’s: not working now) ・ Because I do not have to make my child feel lonely for long summer vacation (30’s: not working now) ・ It is suitable for diversifying working styles (50s: temporary staff) ・ The role of parents to adjust their own life according to the life of the child (what the school decided) (fifties: part / part-time job) ・ There is no guarantee that the parent and child’s vacation will fit, and that the company will not rest on it (40s: not working now) ・ Even if it is the same area, it is not always convenient to have a rest for the same period (40s: other ways of working) ・ Because long-term vacation students will be able to study abroad for a short period, stop diversification (40’s: temporary staff) ・ Because it is a busy season during children’s leave, the period of the busy season becomes longer when dispersed, and it is physically tough (40’s: part / part-time job) ・ Since there are many who say that it is difficult for parents to take a rest, is it likely that a child will be away alone? (Fifties: contract employees) ・ I think it would be better to make it easier to take vacations than Kids Week (60s: not working now) ・ It will be difficult for teachers to take holidays, and even if they are busy, the burden on the body and mind of busy teachers will increase (50s: other ways of working) ・ Because it is hell for children without parents (in their 40s: not working now) ・ Inconvenient for double-income families (50s: temporary staff) ・ About, large companies can do this kind of thing. Because I think (40s: temporary staff) ・ Even if a child is on vacation, it is not always recognized or recognized that the parent is comfortable (50’s: part / part-time job) ・ Because I can not say either considering the exchange with distant friends etc. (40’s: temporary staff) ・ It is doubtful whether families can spend summer vacation together (40s: temporary staff) ・ Because you do not know how it will be distributed (40’s: SOHO / work at home) ・ I can not say anything because I do not know Giss Week (50s: Contract employee) ・ Honestly, I don’t think it is necessary to be child-centered (50s: part / part-time job) ・ It seems not to be usable like Premium Friday (40s: full-time employee) ・ There are too many companies that can and can not do (30s: not working now) -The first word I heard, I can not imagine at all (50s: part / part-time job)
■ From Shutaro Kawakami, General Manager, Shufu Job Research Institute [Image 5

It is Kids Week which began from last year, but working housewife class who answered that “we knew” that it was introduced from last year although 16.3% passed. Awareness seems to be quite low. Last year, when I asked the same question, those who answered “I knew” exceeded 30% (※). It may be that the first year of introduction had more opportunities to be talked about than this year. The person who answered that they knew that they introduced Kids Week, “Do you actually introduce Kids Week in your area?” Stayed in%. As 58.4% of the respondents answered “I don’t know,” the ratio actually being introduced may be higher, but it seems that it is difficult to say that it is pervasive in any way. On the other hand, about the pros and cons of Kids Week introduction, “Agree” is just over 30%, and it is nearly 4 times the ratio of those who answered “No”. As it is close to 60%, “I don’t know” seems to have many people who feel that they can not make a decision because they don’t really understand the actual situation. In addition, people who “know” introduced Kids Week have a higher ratio than those who did not know Kids Week introduction, but the difference in favor is 0.5 points, The opposite difference amounts to 11.9 points. The tendency for people who know the content to have a high opposition ratio is the same as last year’s survey. The idea of ​​Kids Week itself seems to be well received by many people, but when it comes to introduction, it is unclear whether parents can rest at the same timing or that they want to rest within the same region, etc. It seems that you will see various issues. It seems that we need to further discuss the effects of the introduction of Kids Week and how to proceed specifically. At the same time, I think it is also necessary to develop a system and system that allows parents to take paid leave flexibly. ※What it will be? Summer vacation for working housewives and families: https://www.bstylegroup.co.jp/news/shufu-job/news-14539/ [Table 5: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/3176/table/377_2.jpg”>

[Table 6: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/3176/table/377_3.jpg”>

[Image 6

It is a research institute created under the aspiration to create a society in which more women can play an active role regardless of life events such as marriage and childbirth. We carry out periodical surveys such as questionnaires in order to raise society’s understanding of “the lifestyle of women and how to get involved in work” and to create more workplaces where women can work, and the results are transmitted to society . ※ The past findings are here ⇒ https://www.bstylegroup.co.jp/news/shufu-job/ ※ Shufu JOB Soken official Twitter https https://twitter.com/shufujobsoken ※ Shufu JOB Research Institute has deposited the past survey data with SSJDA of the University of Tokyo http http://bit.ly/2n8jHIJ About B-Style Inc. [Image 7

The corporate philosophy is to create value in line with the time of the best basic style. The Super Food Moringa, based on the human resource services business such as “Shufu JOB”, which has created more than 100,000 jobs for housewives since its establishment, and “Smart Carrier”, which realizes how to work as a short-time × high career, It is a social company that is working on improving happiness in Japan while expanding business areas such as produce and home stay cleaning services.

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