[Shogakukan Co., Ltd.] I shot with a woman’s eyes! Kawasaki Frontale fashion magazine and collaboration photo book released

Shogakukan Inc. I shot with a woman’s eyes! Kawasaki Frontale fashion magazine and collaboration photo book released “Cool” of “the strongest men” is one book! A digital version is reserved from the Oggi editorial department! further! Oggi “frontale cover” special edition is also released simultaneously …………………………………………………………………………………………
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“Manga date” in the room with Oshima players! A popular idol group who is dressed in the latest fashion and poses in front of the camera? Hanwha Star again? In fact, last year, the players of Kawasaki Frontale who won the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League second consecutive title. The football club Kawasaki Frontale and women’s fashion magazine “Oggi” have launched a digital photo book of unusual collaborations with Ota Ryota players, Kobayashi Akira, Nakamura Kengo, Chinen Kei, and Nagahiro Akinaga It was decided to do. [Image 2

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The photo book is packed with photos of fashion tastes that you can not see on the pitch. We are shooting plenty of “cool” of “the strongest men” from the perspective of women. For example, Oshima, who is surrounded by his favorite comics, and photos that seem to be “rooms”, as well as Chinen players who look at it while holding a pillow on the bed, are all super rare photos for fans. Of course, many “cool” photos of uniforms are also posted, making it a special edition in which the ON and OFF of the players are tightly packed. “Oggi” editorial department who planned the collaboration photo book talks about the intention this time. “I think that the words and expressions of people who have taken the peak in various worlds, including the sports world, always have something that touches the lines of working women who work hard to overcome them in everyday life I thought that if I could do something to move forward and forward myself as a hero, I asked everyone in the football world, Kawasaki Frontale, who is No. 1. It would be nice if I could tell you about such a front page of everyone through a filter called “Support women’s brand Oggi”. “I felt like Idols and entertainers” (Nakamura) As for Nakamura, about this shooting, “I usually did not imagine that I would give a photo book through Oggi that my wife was reading. In the editorial department, the editorial staff reported that “I am cool.” I felt the mood of idols and celebrities.There are also many young handsome players, so by all means, for those who are not interested in football through this photo book “I am glad if you get to know Frontale,” he said. [Image 4

In the Oggi September issue, a special edition with five people on the cover is also released. Along with the release of the photo book, in the Oggi September issue (released on July 26), a special special edition with a cover of five people will be released in addition to the special feature of eight pages (right photo). August 4 (Sun) Matsumotoyama Masaru FC will be sold at the event site of the Kawasaki Todoroki Stadium where the FC match will be held, will also be sold at a nearby bookstore. In addition, at the event site, we offer a variety of projects such as photo book photo exhibitions and sales of collaboration T-shirts (see Oggi.jp for details). The photo book consists of 5 books “Solo ver.” And 1 book “Off Shot ver.” Containing all 6 books. Currently under reservation, release will be on July 26 (Fri). [Image 5

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Each cover of “Solo ver.” Digital photo books are available at online bookstores such as honto, amazon.co.jp and Rakuten Kobo. For more information, please visit Oggi.jp (https://oggi.jp/). A professional soccer club that joins the Japan Professional Soccer League (J League), with Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture as its hometown. Joined the J-League in 1999. The home stadium is an equal power stadium in Musashi Kosugi. The team name “Frontale” means “front” in Italian, and it stands for frontier spirits who keep trying at the front line, fighting straightly from the front. First victory in the J1 league match in 2017. Winning in 2018, this season is aiming for a third consecutive victory.

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