【Life Gate Co., Ltd.】 A new form to connect hotel and inn with job seekers, “Yado CAREER” (Yado Carrier), a specialized recruitment platform specialized for accommodation industry, has launched a limited-time campaign!

Dear media staff Lifegate Co., Ltd. A new form that connects hotel and inn with job seekers, “Yado CAREER” (Yado Carrier), a specialized recruitment platform specialized for accommodation industry, has launched a limited-time campaign! Yad career will be a recruitment platform launched with the concept of “Having work, happiness for people”. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Life Gate Co., Ltd. (Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideyoshi Sosei) is used by hotels and ryokans at reasonable prices in order to solve the labor and population problem in the hotel industry, which has recently been viewed as a problem. We operate “YADO CAREER,” a specialized recruitment platform that can be used for accommodation. This time, “YADO CAREER” is launching a new free job posting plan and a limited-time campaign. [Image 1

■ With Yado career Yad Carrier is a recruitment platform specialized for hotels and ryokans. Currently, the accommodation industry is on an uptrend, with an increase in the number of foreign visitors to Japan, an increase in domestic travel, and the continuing support of the Tokyo Olympics. Accordingly, the hotel construction rush is continuing, but the shortage of human resources has developed into a social problem, and the improvement measures have not been clearly found at present. We believed that in order to develop the entire travel industry, it was first necessary to improve the “working” of the accommodation industry. Therefore, rather than a large number of recruitment media, we aim to operate a recruitment platform specialized for the accommodation industry, Yad Career, and a media with fewer mismatches than any other media. In the future, we plan to develop services that are easier for users to use than other media, including the industry’s first subscription. Site URL: https://yadocareer.com/ [Image 2

■ Point of Yado career Unlimited job offers, unlimited recruitment possibilities There are many cases where general job media can only post simple information, but in this media “corporate information” and “ You can freely edit worker information and job information. In addition, there are no “full-time employees”, “contract employees”, It is possible to post the offer at the limit. There is no additional cost if you sign up for a fixed amount every month. ※ In the case of a free publication plan, a correction fee will occur separately. “YADO CAREER JOURNAL” connecting YADO and users Advice for job seekers who are entering the industry, and hotel-specific policies for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and columns for users and interviews with managers and employees We operate an industry-oriented media that connects people and In addition, we may propose a joint project with us. ※ Reference column: 【General manager interview】 https://yadocareer.com/manager_interview_vol2-1/ [Image 3

Reach a wide target, including other industries By thoroughly implementing SEO measures such as job advertisement for each facility based on SNS, tag function on site, etc., it is possible to reach the target of wide industry and age group constantly. By taking various measures to accelerate the growth of the working population in the lodging industry, which is increasingly separated from the industry, there are great expectations for the entry of job seekers of potentials. New plan start that can be posted free from June This year’s event also serves as a press release commemoration, and we have prepared a campaign that allows customers to choose one of the two benefits only for customers who have signed up by August 15 (Thu). [Image 4

Furthermore, if you subscribe to a paid plan including the above campaign, you will receive a free interview with YADOCAREER JOURNAL. In addition, we can prepare a variety of plans to suit your budget and the number of recruitment job offers. Please feel free to contact me.
■ Message from the representative Life Gate Co., Ltd. has been developing its business based on the concept of “the gate (the entrance) of the happiness experienced by customers in the life, connecting them together and providing a better life (life)”. “Everyone feels happy.” “Provide a service that will benefit your life even for a moment.” We aim to create a total platform that connects all happiness in life. In the future, LifeGate will not only enter other industry specialized platforms, but also enter the offline food industry. At the same time as the Internet is becoming more common, Real will also be changing at the same time, and we will strive to popularize services that can be closer to customers. Lifegate Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hideyoshi Munasa [Image 5

■ Company Profile Company Name: Life Gate Co., Ltd. Representative: President and CEO Hideyoshi Munsei Established: October 5, 2017 Address: Shinjuku Office -9 3-9-10 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004 Gran Abite Station Front 1001 TEL: 03-5919-7025 (hours on weekdays 10:00 to 19:00) Fax: 03-5919-7028 URL: https://life-gate.co/ Facabook: https://www.facebook.com/YADOCAREER/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/yadocareer

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