[General cricket association Japan Cricket Association] Cricket “U19 Japan national team World Cup participation celebration party” report

Japan Cricket Association Cricket “U19 Japan World Cup Entry Celebration” Report Achievement of the first participation decision among all generations. Support the challenge to the South African World Cup Main Battle in January 2020! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Japanese representative captains, such as Ms. Ms. Ms. Sagate, who has won the “Superior Player Award” and “Best Batsman Award”, will have young representatives who are expected to be active in the future! [Image 1

The Japan Cricket Association (located: Sano City, Tochigi Pref., President: Anthony Alam, following: JCA) widely celebrates the success of the young Japanese representative who will participate in the World Cup Main Event in South Africa in January 2020. On July 24 (Wednesday), we held a celebration to encourage the players and teams for the first World Cup.
■ U19 contestants gather. Message of encouragement from Takeshi Yamamoto, a former professional baseball player! At the venue of the celebration, at the beginning there are introductions of two new partners as Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) and Acrodea Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Acrodia Corporation), and the current partner, SMM Co., Ltd. Words of encouragement were also received from Jay (hereinafter referred to as: S. M. J. Inc.). The familiar clean water bottle was presented to the players from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation with the water purifier “Kurinsui”. Acrodea is currently offering a sensor built-in ball and data analysis tool for baseball, and in the future, it is said that we would like to aim at the development of a sensor built-in ball for cricket utilizing its technical capabilities. S.M.J. Co., Ltd. presents “SMITH” sunglasses to all players, and it is an honor to wear “SMITH” sunglasses on the big stage. I was told. In addition, a former professional baseball player enrolled in the Yokohama DeNA BayStars, and Takeshi Yamamoto, who converted to a cricket player this year, rushed to the venue, saying, “I am confident that I am the first person in the World Cup, Japan. I really want you to go wild in South Africa. Please do your best. ” Surgate Mayaharu, who is Japan’s national team captain and won the World Cup East Asian-Pacific Qualifier Best Player Award and Best Batsman Award, represented the team, “I was able to win the club, manager, officials I think that it was something I was able to do my best in. Since I will do my best from now on, I would like your support “and stated a feeling of gratitude. Lastly, Anthony Aram, the representative director of the Japan Cricket Association, said, “It is a future beyond imagination,” in relation to the catch phrase “To the future beyond imagination” listed in the JCA strategy. Be a strong opponent and have plenty of experience to build confidence: The 2019 U19 Cricket World Cup is the first step and a big step for players, coaches, officials and the Japan Cricket Association Let’s support everyone’s new challenges, additional challenges, and your future, to a future beyond imagination. The globally popular sport “cricket”. It is not a major sport in Japan yet, but for the first World Cup participation, it was not only the players, but also a hot and excited meeting that involved people involved. [State of the celebration party] [Image 2

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[When ICC U19 Cricket World Cup East Asian Pacific Qualifier] is won [Image 7

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[About cricket] Cricket is a ball sport originated in the UK, and is a global sport with more than 1 billion fans around the world, centered on the Commonwealth of England, Australia and India. It is particularly popular in South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal, and the total number of viewers for the World Cup in 2015 was over 1.3 billion in South Asian countries alone. For an introductory video of cricket and a rule description, please refer to the following URL. cricket.or.jp/about-cricket 【Introduction to cricket BOOK】 Even if you do not know cricket, it is a fun content that can easily understand cricket. (PDF) cricket.or.jp/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Cricket_WEB%E7%94%A80612.pdf [About the Japan Cricket Association] Japan Cricket Association was established in 1984. Promoted as an associate member of the International Cricket Council in 2005. In 2008, a community-based dissemination strategy (“Creating a cricket town”) was formulated, and a full-fledged dissemination campaign started. “Cricket Town Sano” project in 2010, “cricket town Akishima” project in 2013, The “Crickets Town Yamatake” project has been launched in 2014, and the “Crickets Town Mound” project has been launched in 2018. cricket.or.jp/ 【About the national competition population】 The competition population played regularly was about 660 in 2002, but has increased to about 3,525 in 2017. In addition, schools to introduce to classes such as physical education increase, and approximately 20,000 children learn about cricket in the year. [JCA Five-Year Strategy (2018-2022) “On the Future beyond imagination”] Start a new five-year strategy in 2018, and increase the number of enthusiasts by social cricket (simplified version cricket) that can be enjoyed for the first time, We are focusing on creating bases in Tohoku, Tokai, and Kansai. For more information on JCA’s strategy, please refer to the URL below. cricket.or.jp/the-jca-5-year-strategy_2018_2022

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