【Prince Hotel Co., Ltd.】
Conduct summer events such as starry sky watching and trekking tours that can be enjoyed just because the 1,800 m altitude surrounded by nature is Manza

Prince Hotel Co., Ltd. Conducted summer events such as starry sky watching and trekking tours, which can be enjoyed just because the 1,800 m altitude surrounded by nature ………………………………………………………………………………………… Manza Prince Hotel (Location: Mango Onsen, Tsumagoi-mura, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma Pref. Manager: Shuichi Sukai) was surrounded by abundant nature during the summer vacation period from August 2 (Fri) to 27 (Tuesday), 2019 We will hold summer events that can be enjoyed just because Manza. A trekking tour that aims at “Ganpaku”, which is a star of full sky looking up from 1,800 m above sea level, “Starry sky Hutte” where you can admire the starry sky near the sky, and “Gakufudake” which is also a course of Gunma Prefecture Sakaisen Line Trail. A hot spring seminar to introduce the bathing methods and hot spring beans knowledge recommended by a hot spring sommelier happily, a good seminar by the staff of the food and drink department, and by local farmers It is an event unique to summer such as “A farmer’s morning market” that sells summer plateau vegetables such as Tokakoi village produce cabbage. event date <Hoshizora HutteEnjoy the starry sky from the high altitude of 1,900m. Hot wine and original cocktails are also available. <Trekking tourA guide will guide you to "Ganpaku", which is also a course on Gunma Prefecture's Sakai Line Line trail. (About 2 hours round trip) <Hello Good SeminarWe give lectures on how to drink the secret story of the brand of liquor by the instructor and how to drink it more deliciously. <Onsen SeminarThe staff who is qualified as a hot spring sommelier will introduce you to the knowledge of the history of Manza Onsen and the recommended bathing methods. <Farmhouse's morning marketFarmer of local Tsumagoi village sends summer vegetables including seasonal cabbage.
[Image 2

Hoshizora Hutte (2017 taken)
[Image 2

Hoshizora Hutte (2017 taken)
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Trekking tour (image) Starry sky observation at 1,800 m starry sky Hutte accommodation plan Evening breakfast included
August 2, 2019 (Fri)-27 (Tuesday)
【Fee fee】
1 person (from East Building Twin Room 1 room 2 people) from ¥ 14,765 ※ Price includes room rate for one person, dinner, breakfast, service charge and consumption tax. ※ A bathing tax ¥ 150 will be charged separately for each person. ※ For adults, there is a drink at the starry sky Hutte Bar

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