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  • 【Outing promotion platform DIIIG】 Issued “Ninagada TIMES Point”, a regional point connecting people and shops in Kobe and Shin-Nagata area

【Outing promotion platform DIIIG】 Issued “Ninagada TIMES Point”, a regional point connecting people and shops in Kobe and Shin-Nagata area

DIIIG Corporation 【Outing promotion platform DIIIG】 Issued “Ninagada TIMES Point”, a regional point connecting people and shops in Kobe and Shin-Nagata area A treasure hunt event is also held where you can earn points in the Shinnagada Motomachi Suji Shopping District from Sunday, July 28, 2019 to Saturday, August 31 2019. ………………………………………………………………………………………… A new unique point “Shin-Nagata TIMES point” has been added to the outing promotion platform “DIIIG” provided by DIIIG Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kobe City, Representative Director: Aki Kunihiro, hereinafter DIIIG). As the first of a treasure hunt event where you can earn points, we will hold “Find Big Heart!” At Shin-Nagada Motomachi Suji Shopping Street from July 28 (Sun) to August 31 (Saturday). You can exchange the “Shin-Nagata TIMES Points” for “Big Hearts Eco-bag”. Planning background At Shin-Nagata Station, reconstruction and redevelopment of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake has progressed, and there are an increasing number of new residents in the neighborhood condominiums and new stores entering the area. In addition, the Shin-Nagata Joint Government Office, jointly developed by Hyogo Prefecture and Kobe City, was completed in early July. When Kobe City starts in October in earnest, 1050 staff members will work, and an estimated 300,000 visitors will be expected each year. To that end, we renewed the website “Shin-Nagata TIMES” in May 2018, allowing local residents and customers to know Shin-Nagata better. By accumulating and disseminating information about Shin-Nagata, the aim is to provide services that are close to the lives of local facilities and shopping street users. Furthermore, the point service “Shin-Nagata TIMES Points” using “DIIIG” was born on July 28 (Sun) as a mechanism for promoting visits to the store based on the customer experience map in the shopping district. “DIIIG” is an outing promotion platform that connects people and the area, and increases the number of fans to grow. We plan activation of mall by deepening connection of local resident and mall. Shin-Nagata TIMES point summary It is possible to accumulate by the action on the site of Shin-Nagata TIMES and the participation of events held in the surrounding malls and so on. The collected points can be exchanged for original goods. This time, we will hold a limited-time treasure hunt event “Find Big Heart!” At Shin-Nagata Honcho Suji Shopping District as the first of the events where you can earn points. [Image 1

Honmachisuji Shopping Street Mascot Character “Big Heart”
■ Event Name: Find Big Heart!
■ Holding period: Sunday, July 28, 2019 to Saturday, August 31, 10:00 to 18:00 ※ Excludes each store regular holiday
■ Venue: Shin-Nagata Motomachi Musashi Shopping Street
■ How to participate: 1. Download DIIIG App 2. Find a panel with “Big Heart” QR code at a designated store 3. Load QR code with DIIIG app 4. Get points ※ 100 points per store Exchange with “Big Heart-Chan Eco Bag” at 5.1500 points (Replacement store: Yamamotoya, the key)
■ Point acquisition store ・ Yamamotoya of key ・ Daiichi of shoes ・ Boutique Yoshimi ・ Mayabi ・ Yamane clock shop
■ “Big Heart Eco-bag” exchange store ・ Yamamotoya of key ※ Exchange is until August 31 (Sat) 18:00 ※ limited to 20 one person only [Image 2

Big heart eco bag イ ベ ン ト Event detail page https://shinnagata.net/article/share/718 DIIIG overview DIIIG is an unprecedented outing promotion platform that brings users to their preferred locations and assists with exciting experiences. The more you use it, the better the user gets outing information, and the points are accumulated by experiencing it.
■ Before going out ・ Get points by collecting information, such as “Like” to the website
■ During outing ・ Outgoing information that suits you by push notification arrives ・ Get points by participating in an event or purchasing ・ We exchange accumulated points for item
■ After going out ・ Results of actions and experiences are quantified and can be confirmed by ranking and status function https://diiig.net/ company overview Company name: DIIIG Co., Ltd. Established: November 2018 Representative: Representative Director President CEO Aki Kunihiro Location: 1-68 Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi 650-0021 Hyogo Prefecture 7F Co. Wise Egg Co., Ltd. D DIIIG Corporate Site, Inc. https://company.diiig.net D DIIIG PRO site (for business operators) https://diiig.pro D DIIIG official site (for users) https://diiig.net

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