“pack safe” equipped with security function is ◎ as business bag by stylish design

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“pack safe” equipped with security function is ◎ as business bag by stylish design ………………………………………………………………………………………… Pack Safe is a brand that continues to realize high security carry bags, travel bags, and convenient gear to protect valuables. Among them, the popular Vibe 28 (Vibe 28) has not only security but also easy-to-use functions and is recommended as a business bag.
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Security function of relief
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Body with built-in stainless steel wire The pack-safe’s biggest feature is the built-in lightweight mesh wire, so you won’t have to worry about taking valuables if you cut the outer fabric. It is a light and flexible design that I do not know that the wire is in it.
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Anti-skimming pocket A pocket that blocks radio waves of 10Mhz-3Ghz prevents skimming damage such as cards.

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Anti-theft shoulder strap The shoulder strap on one side can be removed. Attached to a chair or table will prevent theft.
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Shoulder strap with high strength material There is no need to worry about being cut with Dyneema (R) and wire built-in strap that is 5 times stronger than nylon.
Easy-to-use design
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・ Square-type main body that documents and PC are easy to store ・ There are many pockets, and it is convenient for storing cables, charging equipment, etiquette supplies, etc. ・ A main cargo room that opens widely for easy loading and unloading
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・ It is size that is easy to use for business trip of daily commute-1 night with capacity 28L ・ PC case with thick pad can carry PC, tablet safely ・ Handstrap, backpack and 2 way style
Vibe 28 (Vibe 28) Body price 14,000 yen (Blue duck, Granite melange), Body price 15,500 yen (Kordura black) Size 47 × 31 × 21 cm Color Blue Duck, Granite Melange, Cordura Black Weight 1,020 g
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Pacsafe official site https://aandf.co.jp/brands/pacsafe?utm_campaign=prt&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=prtimes A & F Online Store https://www.aandfstore.com/store/commodity/0/12970238 Import source A & F Corporation aandf.co.jp

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