Sankei Shimbun Not just “Fundamental Expressions”! On sale by Tsuneyasu Takeda “The Emperor is the“ He ad ”” is now on sale

Sankei Shimbun
Not just the “Expression Inconvenience Exhibition”! On sale by Tsuneyasu Takeda “The Emperor is the“ Head ”” is now on sale ……………………………………………………………………………………………
A book published by Sankei Shimbun Publishing (Sankei Shimbun Group) “Emperor is a“ head ”” (main body 1300 yen + tax) is now on sale. The author is Tsuneyasu Takeda, a writer who is serializing the monthly “Masashiron”. For details, please see the Sankei Shimbun Publishing website (

It’s not just the “Expression Freedom Exhibition”.
The emperor’s “will” is a question whether you ask or not. The author, the grandson of Emperor Meiji, thoroughly explains the laws and common sense related to the Imperial Family. Restructured based on “Can you proud of Japan?” This book is for politicians and the media to read.

◎ “Intention” is a problem whether you ask or not
◎ “Freedom of expression” is not an excuse
◎ The fondness of “Female Emperor”
◎ The relationship between the Daegu Festival and the Constitution ◎ Imperial report, honorific crisis
◎ NHK scoops that felt uncomfortable
◎ If you only interpret in Japanese
◎ Withdrawal and immediate positions are not natural
◎ Constitutional scholars who do not recognize “head of head” ◎ Under Mikasa Palace who tried to protect the male line
◎ What is really important is “what will not change”
◎ Women’s palace destroys the imperial family
◎ Mr. Komuro should offer to decline marriage
◎ Reason why Lupine the 3rd cannot become Emperor
[Author Biography]
Tsuneyasu Takeda writer. Born in 1975 in the former royal family Takeda family. The grandson of Emperor Meiji. Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Law. Specializes in constitutional and historical studies. He also served as a lecturer at the Graduate School of Law, Keio University until March 2014. In 2006, he won the 15th Yamamoto Shichihei Award for his book “The Truth of the Royal Family that was not Talked” (Shogakukan). Recent works include “Introduction to the definitive edition of Nihon Shoki-approaching the secrets of the nation that has been running for over 2000”
(co-authored by Business Co., Ltd.). Book), “Is the Emperor really fallen into a simple symbol? The weight of the imperial dynasty” (PHP new book), “Contemporary Kojiki” (Gakken plus), “Japanese courtesy: Miyake no Ushie” (Magazine House) And many others.

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