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Bvlgari Japan Co., Ltd. Bvlgari “B Zero One Rock” expressing independence, strength and bold spirit is born

Bulgari Japan K.K.
Bvlgari “B Zero One Rock” expresses independence, strength and bold spirit In search of a new interpretation of jewelry, a new concept of jewelry that empowers people, and a rebellious spirit that creates beauty and brilliance, in the name of a distinctive bold and individual Bulgari. …………………………………………………………………………
On February 7, 2020, the new “B Zero One Rock” was released from the Bvlgari icon “B Zero One”.
[Image 1d5631-633-392277-0.jpg
Break the rules and break the existing regime. Revamped with creativity and imagination inspired by rare Roman art and architecture that has a history of over 2,700 years. Bulgari continues to pioneer new avenues with the courage of arrogance, while proudly pursuing originality and boldness.
“ B Zero One Rock, ” celebrating the indomitable spirit of Roman High Jeweler’s passion and birthplace to the birthplace of Rome’s exuberant glamor, is a majestic rule breaking deeply connected to Bulgari’s DNA It embodies a figure. It is a free expression of independence and strength, as well as a combination of innovative creativity and pioneering spirit, the essence of Bulgari.
One of Bulgari’s heritage, the new “B Zero One Rock,” inspired by the “Tubogas” choker with studs from the 1980s, stands out as an iconic symbol of bold self-expression. Inspired by the shape of the Colosseum in Rome, a well-known amphitheater, the supple and innovative spiral curves showcased by the original “ B Zero One ” design meet bold, edgy studs. A wonderful creation was born.
The design of “B Zero One Rock”, which is full of unprecedented strength, will be delivered as a new generation of unisex jewelry. “Be Zero One Rock”
PGx black ceramic
[Image 2d5631-633-826291-1.jpg
Double ring
205,000 yen
[Image 3d5631-633-428252-3.jpg
236,000 yen
[Image 4d5631-633-809729-4.jpg
320,000 yen
[Image 5d5631-633-690197-5.jpg
250,400 yen
[Image 6d5631-633-896481-6.jpg
Double ring
690,000 yen
[Image 7d5631-633-680867-7.jpg
750,000 yen
[Image 8d5631-633-186282-8.jpg
600,000 yen
[Image 9d5631-633-125406-9.jpg
580,000 yen
[Image 10d5631-633-460097-10.jpg
1,510,000 yen
* PG = Pink Gold, YG = Yellow Gold, DIA = Diamond
* All prices are exclusive of tax.
Contact: Bulgari Japan 03-6362-0100 https://www.bulgari.com/ja-jp/

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