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  • The good-looking aunt “Ike aunt relay” is the first interview with professional hair makeup Rieko Sugimura.

The good-looking aunt “Ike aunt relay” is the first interview with professional hair makeup Rieko Sugimura.

OFFICE CHAKO The good-looking aunt “Ike aunt relay” is the first interview with professional hair makeup Rieko Sugimura. Rieko Sugimura, who has professional hair makeup, is a woman who has a commitment to beauty as much as a self-proclaimed beauty artist. I would like to ask her such lifestyle (Karatori Miuraku) ………………………………………………………………………………………… Rieko Sugimura, who is currently in charge of hair and makeup for talents and actresses, is not visible at all, but is in her 40s. I wondered why I could keep my skin so beautiful, Karatori Miuraku’s karako’s anxious questions. Karatori Miuraku features monthly interviews with cool aunts who can inspire women’s beauty and way of life, targeting women from their 40s! This is an interview with Rieko Sugimura. [Image

She is currently 44 and has professional hair and makeup. Just the other day, I was accompanied by filming locations for idol talent overseas and just returned home. The hair and makeup work seems to have an element behind the scenes, but in the case of her, it is not so at all, it is an impression that she is always searching for the beauty of the beauty, the real beauty, and the beauty to be made from the body. did. Not only the information in Sakai, but Mr. Sugimura himself, is there anything better? It seems to continue to challenge. Under such circumstances, what kind of thing would it be better if women from their forties wanted to be beautiful? I heard many things. ・ Vitamin C and antioxidant ・ Makeup tips ・ Gloss and volume on hair ・ The difference between positive and negative wrinkles ・ Use salt when bathing We could hear the story at five points. Even women in their forties, who are older than their 50s, have many things that they want to imitate from now on. Actually, I tried to use salt during bathing and tried it from the night after the interview, I was surprised that my skin became sober. Even though I did not apply moisturizing cream, I was impressed that I could not say that I could become such a beautiful skin unless I really practiced it. Mr. Sugimura’s beauty information is a moment when I thought it was really amazing. https://karatori.com/sugimura/ Hair makeup does support a gorgeous entertainer, but in reality, the person behind …. Hair makeup doesn’t have the image that the person himself is not so beautiful. In fact, I also made such an impression on my own. However, Mr. Sugimura was not at all. Mr. Sugimura was so beautiful that she was likely to be an actress, and when she actually met, she was a pretty beautiful woman who even looked down on her. In addition, I think that Mr. Sugimura himself is always self-managed with respect to beauty, and he reaffirmed the importance of not neglecting daily beauty activities. In the interview, I also heard many things such as beauty activities information that Mr. Sugimura himself is always aware of and things that are useful in everyday life. We also have hints on familiar beauty activities that can be immediately copied from today, so let’s incorporate it!
Karatori Miuraku: Ike aunt relay is issued once a month Feature of skin care + hair care from the forties https://karatori.com/ikeoba/ topic https://karatori.com/recommended/ https://karatori.com/risiri-reviews/

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