“Paris Marche” started at NIMES shop

INSTYLE APPAREL Inc. “Paris Marche” started at NIMES shop At some directly managed stores from Thursday, September 12 At some Nimes stores, Marche (Thursday) to 29th (Friday) held a Marche, a collection of items closely related to Paris [Image 1

The fashion brand “N * BMES” with a theme of daily life in Paris is developing an autumn collection with the theme of “delicious PARIS”. In addition to new clothes, the following stores hold “PARI’S Marche”, a collection of items that showcase the culture and history of Paris. The Marche is a place where you can feel the history and culture of your favorite Paris, such as cutlery and tableware found in the flea market in Paris, dead stock borders and lace spears, ballet shoes and berets, and posters of Sabignac. Please come to play.
▼ The stores are as follows N� * BMES Jiyugaoka store chambre de n� + Bmes Shizuoka Isetan chambre de n� + Bmes Sogo Hiroshima Store ※ Until 30th Monday Pick up some and introduce Knit 2000yen ~, ballet shoes 4000yen [Image 2

Glass bottles and bowls from 1000 yen [Image 3

Beret from 1500 yen [Image 4

Cut and sewn from 2000 yen [Image 5

Wooden hanger 1000 yen [Image 6

About “N * BMES” The fashion brand “N * BMES” with a theme of daily life in Paris is a women’s brand of French taste for the 26th year this year. The first Daikanyama store opened in 1993 (currently moved to Jiyugaoka). Currently, eight directly managed stores including the Jiyugaoka store, which is a flagship store, are deployed nationwide. Familiar with a wide range of people in their 30s and 50s, we are making clothes that pursue casual comfort and a sense of comfort while being casual. It is a brand that is sent not only to fashion but also to daily-facing adult women who value their daily lives and have established themselves. HP https://press.innocent.co.jp/ Instagram (@nimes_official) https://www.instagram.com/nimes_official/

For more information about this release(Japanese):
https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000023.000044694.html https://prtimes.jp

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