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  • Japanese women’s fashion magazine ranking announcement Treasure Island monopoly! 1st place “Linen” 2nd place “sweet” Fashion magazine top share for 9 consecutive years

Japanese women’s fashion magazine ranking announcement Treasure Island monopoly! 1st place “Linen” 2nd place “sweet” Fashion magazine top share for 9 consecutive years

Treasure Island Co., Ltd.
[Japanese women’s fashion magazine ranking announcement] Treasure Island monopoly! 1st place “Linen” 2nd place “sweet” Fashion magazine top share for 9 consecutive years
The Japan ABC Association announced the number of magazine sales in the first half of 2019 (January to June) on November 8, 2019 (Friday). In the number of sales of monthly women’s fashion magazines
participating in the association, “Linen” (175,917 copies) published by Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. (January to June) The growth rate was 110%, and the number of copies increased. As in the previous period (July to December 2018), “sweet” (151,383 copies) was ranked in 2nd place and kept strong. Treasure Island magazines are included in the top 10 in the top 10, and the market share of fashion magazines has exceeded 26%, gaining the top share for nine consecutive years. (*)
[Image 1


“ Rinnel ” December issue (Treasure Island Co., Ltd.)
[Image 2


“ Sweet ” November issue (Treasure Island)
Takarajima, Inc. since 2010, “Linen” (2010), women in their 40s “GLOW” (2010), “otona MUSE” (2014) for Arafo generation, women in their 50s “Adult fashionable handbags” (2014), beauty magazine “& ROSY” (2017) from 30s, mono magazine “MonoMaster” (2018) for 50-60s The magazine is launched and the adult market is developed. Furthermore, in September of this year, we launched Japan’s first 60’s women’s fashion magazine “Nice That Person”. This is the first magazine specializing in fashion for the 60s. Treasure Island has always created new markets by proposing new values ​​and lifestyles by launching new magazines. As a leading magazine publishing company, we will continue to make efforts to boost the industry.
* ABC Association of Japan (http://www.jabc.or.jp/) magazine publisher report from the first half of 2019 (January to June)
[Image 3


Japan’s first! Launched 60’s women’s fashion magazine
[Image 4


On September 14th of this year, Takarajima Co., Ltd. launched Japan’s first 60s fashion magazine “Nice That Person” for the new 60s women’s market. The November issue (first issue) and the December issue have sold out 100,000 copies in succession.
The magazine launched its first issue in December 2017 as a fashion mook (then the title “Nice that adult’s clothing”). In just three days, it was overprinted and surpassed 50,000 copies, causing social phenomena such as “grey hair”. Since then, sales of all the released series were strong, so I went to the monthly publication. To date, there have been health information magazines for the 60s, but this is the first magazine dedicated to fashion for the 60s.
The first issue of “Nice That Person” (Treasure Island)
Profile of Editor Keiko Kamishita Profile
[Image 5


Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1973.
In charge of apparel for a trading company and experienced compliance with a foreign fund, started writer business. Various such as beauty and fashion-related books
Engage in the media. Joined Takarajima in 2016 after working as a practical book editor.
Worked on various books on fashion, interior, housework, health. The editor-in-chief speaks! About the 60’s female magazine “Nice that person” [Image 6


The concept is “natural”. 50% of the magazine is for fashion For the lovely generations who are worried about their body shape, readers can hardly fall into their own unless they can make realistic proposals. First of all, it is important to show that there are wonderful 60s in the world as an example. Another feature is that there are many pages where the general public appears.
60s is a paragraph for work, housework and child-rearing! Enjoy free and unrestricted fashion
For those in their 50s, it is still necessary to choose clothes in consideration of the community, such as work and child-rearing. However, in the 60s, you can be fashionable on the basis of your “like” and enjoy the sense that you have built.
The current 60s are different from the old seniors! Mini skirt, Annon etc. When she was young, female fashion magazines such as “anan” and “non-no” were launched. With the birth of magazines, the generations that have led and led the youth culture, such as the trend of nutras, Hamatora, jeans and miniskirts, are now in their 60s
Research is a “tea party” gathering wonderful 60s, scouting in the city! Thorough research is important because it is an unprecedented 60s magazine. For this reason, we have set up a meeting place called “tea party” to ask about the problems of fashion and beauty. When I go out and see a nice person in the city, I scout. You may actually appear in the magazine.
“Nice that person” gathers in galleries across the country
The gallery also has exhibits such as works of art, but recently it has exhibited and sold items that are rooted in life, such as artist’s vessels and accessories. This is a place where fashionable customers are attached and “Nice people” gather. There are famous galleries in various parts of the country, so they are introduced in the “National Gallery Exploration” series from the first issue.

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