[Barnibabi Co., Ltd.] The famous “GARDEN Afternoon Tea” to be enjoyed in the garden of the 7th generation Jihei Ogawa is a new “MOMIJI” theme featuring sweets using chestnuts, grapes and figs. Available from 9/5 (Thu) to “Nanzenji Sando Kikusui”.

Barnivabi Co., Ltd. “GARDEN Afternoon Tea” to be enjoyed in the garden of the 7th generation Jihei Ogawa, a famous gardener, will feature sweets using chestnuts, grapes and figs under the theme of “MOMIJI”. Available from 9/5 (Thu) to “Nanzenji Sando Kikusui”. The best time to see the autumn leaves around Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto is from mid-November to early December. …………………………………………………………………………………………… In the separate residence “Nanzen-ji Sando Kikusui” (location: 31 Fukuchi-machi, Nanzen-ji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto), a gardener from the 5th September, 2019 “GARDEN Afternoon Tea“ MOMIJI ”” will be on display. GARDEN Afternoon Tea “MOMIJI” “GARDEN Afternoon Tea” inspired by the elegant garden of Ogawa Jyubei, a master gardener. [Image 1

GARDEN Afternoon Tea “MOMIJI” The autumn new work is based on the “MOMIJI” color, a short cake using seasonal figs, a Mont Blanc tart with a rich fragrance flavoured with cognac, panna cotta and cream cheese and a grape with a sour giant Sweets using autumn fruits such as mini parfaits will appear. In addition, mushroom quiche that produces a moderately salty taste, Tajima beef mini hamburger, and fermented butter croissant with a brisk zettaham and cucumber. 6 teas of German tea “Ronnefeld” loved by hotels around the world can be as many as you like. Afternoon tea that feels the four seasons woven by 13 kinds of menus that you can eat while looking out over the historic garden. GARDEN Afternoon Tea “MOMIJI” [Image 2

GARDEN Afternoon Tea “MOMIJI” ・ Sales period: September 5 (Thursday) to early December (scheduled) 2019 14: 30-17: 00 ・ Price: ¥ 4,200 (without tax) (with 10 drinks including afternoon tea set and Ronnefeld tea) / person Afternoon tea set Petit cannula, bamboo charcoal and matcha macaroon, hazelnut financier, terrine de chocolate, petit mana, Tajima beef mini hamburger, croissant sandwich, roasted tea cream and petit shoe, mushroom quiche, fig shortcake, montblanc tart, matcha mousse, Grape mini parfait drink
■ 6 kinds of Ronnefeld tea Darjeeling Summer Gold / English Breakfast / Golden Earl Gray / Strawberry Fields / Vital Grapefruit / Chillout With Herb
■ Nara Tsukigase Kabuse Sencha / Japanese black tea
■ Kodaiji Slow Jet Coffee Coffee / Cafe Latte * Photo is for 2 people. * Contents and composition may change depending on the season and purchase conditions. * Reservation required until 18:00 the day before, 2 people available. Special afternoon tea limited to one group a day [Image 3

Away “Sakura” [Image 4

We offer a private afternoon tea plan to spend away from Sakura with the red pine tree in the center of the garden. You can enjoy champagne from Kikusui selection and GARDEN afternoon tea “MOMIJI”. GARDEN afternoon tea “MOMIJI” plan with champagne ・ Sales period: September 5 (Thursday) to early December (scheduled) 2019 14: 30-17: 00 ・ Price: Excluding tax (includes 10 kinds of drinks such as afternoon tea set and Ronnefeld tea) / person * Reservation required until 18:00 the day before [Nanzenji approach Kikusui] [Image 5

Entrance On the vast site of about 820 tsubo, there is a gorgeous garden colored by the four seasons of Japan, created by the 7th generation “ Jiro Ogawa ” who is said to be the pioneer of modern gardens, and a sukiya-style building with the best of Japanese architecture In addition, the restaurant and tea room offers innovative cuisine that combines Japanese and Western, high-quality rooms for relaxing and relaxing, and a private room with a feeling of emotion in the garden. [Equipment outline] [Image 6

■ Store name: Nanzenji approach (Kikusui)
■ Business Type: Restaurant & Tea Room, Ryokan
■ Location: 31 Fukuchi-cho, Nanzenji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
■ Access: Approximately 7 minutes on foot from Keage Station on Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line / 15 minutes from Kyoto Higashi IC on Meishin Expressway
■ T E L: 075-771-4101
■ Operating Hours: 11: 30-22: 00 Lunch: 11: 30-14: 00 LO / Teatime: 14: 30-17: 00 / Dinner: 17: 30-22: 00 (Food 20:00 LO / Drink 21:30 LO)
■ Hotel Night: Check-in from 15: 00 / Check-out to 12:00 (Breakfast provided from 7:00 to 10: 00L.O.)
■ Regular holiday: None
■ Site area: 827.65 tsubo
■ Total number of seats: 152 (1F 34 seats, Terrace 12 seats / 2F 80 seats, 3 private rooms)
■ Number of guest rooms: 5 rooms
■ HP: http://www.kyoto-kikusui.com/

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