[Shishi Co., Ltd.] The first store in Nagano “LaLa Curry Ontake Store” will open in Otaki Village on September 16!

Shishi Co., Ltd. First store in Nagano Prefecture! “LaLa Curry Ontake Store” will open in Otaki Village on September 16! Shishi Co., Ltd. (3152 Otakimura, Kiso-gun, Nagano Prefecture, representative director: Shota Iwahori) is aiming for regional revitalization by developing restaurants. LaLa Curry Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells Sri Lanka curry that sells a total of 1 million meals at Rakuten In partnership with Japan (2668-169 Maisaka-cho, Maisaka-cho, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, representative: Hideaki Sugahata), the fifth LaLa Curry Ontake store (directly managed) will be opened on September 16th, including the franchise store. The [Image 1

The most popular devil chicken curry It is a new restaurant in Otaki Village that has been around for a long time. Also, LaLa Curry Japan’s first ontake store outside Shizuoka Prefecture is a seasonal curry that uses seafood caught around Lake Hamana in Shizuoka Prefecture, where LaLa Curry Japan’s headquarters is located, to boost Otaki village with LaLa curry, There will also be limited menus that can only be eaten at Ontake stores, such as “Mushroom Curry” using local ingredients from Kiso, Nagano Prefecture. [Image 2

(Seasonal) Shirazukare LaLa curry unique while maintaining full Sri Lankan taste by partnering with local curry factory in Sri Lanka Developed an original mix spice that suits the Japanese mouth. Sri Lanka curry is less healthy than Indian curry and uses coconut milk and a variety of spices, so it’s good for the body and you can choose the spiciness and enjoy it for both young and old. In addition, since a typical household table in Sri Lanka has multiple side dishes and curry for the staple food, LaLa curry has multiple side dishes on a plate to reproduce the appearance of the family. A plate menu is also available. It is recommended to eat while enjoying various textures and tastes while mixing side dishes and rice. [Image 3

plate Shishi Co., Ltd. will continue to actively develop restaurants for regional revitalization. [LaLa Curry Ontake Store Overview] [Image 4

Address: 3152 Otaki Village, Kiso-gun, Nagano Prefecture Business hours: 11: 00-14: 00 Regular holiday: Every Wednesday and Thursday Number of seats: 13 Parking lot: Existence Official Instagram: https://instagram.com/lalacurryjapan?igshid=7pb9alc93s9w Official facebook: https://m.facebook.com/lalacurryontake [Inquiries regarding this matter] Company name: Shishi Co., Ltd. Contact: Iwahori Tel: 080-3617-3021 Email: shotaiwahori@yahoo.co.jp

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