Zetton Co., Ltd. Nagoya / Osaka area The best winter pot you want to eat because it’s cold. A selection of delicious spice pots from classic sukiyaki and luxury gout hot pots!

zetton inc.
[Nagoya / Osaka area] The best “winter pan” to eat because it is cold. A selection of delicious spice pots from classic sukiyaki and luxury gout hot pots!
Would you like to overcome the cold winter with a delicious pan? ……………………………………………………………………………………………

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The hot season of the hot pot is finally here.
Zetton will offer a variety of hot pots this year, such as duck suki and hemultan that can be used to taste the flavor of the ingredients, and small snacks that can be enjoyed by one person.
“Sukiyaki”, the most popular hot pot ranking
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Finest dome sukiyaki course 6818 yen (excluding tax) * Possible to order from 4 people * Includes all-you-can-drink
Luxurious sukiyaki made with local specialties using Mikawa’s brocade chicken, Aichi’s Sangen pork and Handa’s Chita beef. This is a special menu that can only be enjoyed on the course.
Provided store: Dome (Nagoya / Meito Station)
HP: http://www.domestic.jp/

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Kamo suki nabe 1780 yen (excluding tax) * Possible to order from 2 people A specially made duck suki pan with homemade tsunami and fat, sweet duck with a solid texture and a split based on soup from a soba restaurant. You can add soba noodles! Delicious until the end. Provided store: Higuchi Higuchi (Nagoya / Meito Station)
HP: http://www.chokochoko.jp/
“Gouten hot pot” with plenty of immorality made with luxurious ingredients that can only be eaten at shops
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Shirasaki Port Directly sent Anko Nabe (¥ 2300 (excl. Tax)) * Possible to order from 1 person
Anko hot pot using plenty of fresh anko and liver directly from Shirasaki Port. The miso-based soup also has a bean paste so it becomes a richer pot. It can be ordered from one serving, and can be used alone as a small snack pot for sake. Snippet
Provided stores: Mouth (Nagoya / Meito Station)
HP: http://www.kuchiguchi.com/
A popular staple in South Korea where the flavor of seafood is plentiful [Image 5


Hemultan course 3500 yen (tax included) * Possible to order from 2 people A seafood chige hot pot “Hemultan” that uses seafood such as migratory salmon, headed shrimp, squid, sea bream, and clams. In the bowl, the miso-cooking made with soup with the flavor of seafood and vegetables is superb.
Provided store: “R” RIVERSIDE GRILL & BEER GARDEN (Osaka / Nakanoshima) HP: http://www.nakanoshima-beergarden.com/
Not only delicious! Also effective for beauty !? “Spicy hot pot” [Image 6


Taiwan hot pot 1480 yen (excluding tax) * Possible to order from 2 people “Taiwan Motsunabe” is a spicy spice that has evolved from “Taiwan Ramen” originated in Nagoya. Use only the small intestine of Wagyu beef with a soft texture and a healthy smell. It is also particular about the seasoning of Taiwan mince, and it is fused with a spicy chicken glass cup that has a very concentrated umami.
Offer store: Chikanishiki (Nagoya, Nishiki)
HP: http://www.chikanishiki.com/

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Beef hormone delicious hot pot 1300 yen (excluding tax) * Ordered from 2 people A special soy sauce-based hot soup made from pre-cooked beef hormones and corninolic hachinos. For the salmon, put raw eggs and cooked rice is recommended.
Provided store: Kanayama Seoul (Nagoya / Kanayama)
HP: http://www.kumsan-kanayama.com/

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