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  • [Bronco Billy Co., Ltd.] A healthy, hottest glass-fed beef with the richness of red meat! New Zealand “charcoal grilled ultra-thick sirloin steak” started on August 8 (Thursday)

[Bronco Billy Co., Ltd.] A healthy, hottest glass-fed beef with the richness of red meat! New Zealand “charcoal grilled ultra-thick sirloin steak” started on August 8 (Thursday)

Bronco Billi Co., Ltd. Healthy and hot glass fed beef with concentrated red meat! New Zealand “charcoal grilled super-thick sirloin steak” starts from August 8 (Thu) Juicy and delicious with Bronco Billi’s commitment “charcoal grill” Bronco Billi Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture President & CEO: Takeshi Katsuhiro) will start offering “charcoal-roasted sirloin steak” from New Zealand at a total of 134 stores from August 8 (Thursday). [Image 1

■ “Glassfed beef” which is the hottest now New Zealand is smaller than Japan, and about 40% of the land is used for grazing land. Eat carefully selected grass whenever you want, exercise when you want, and sleep wherever you want. Beef grown on grass is called “grassfed beef”. Compared to “grain fed beef” grown by eating cereals, which is familiar to Japanese people, it features red meat that allows you to enjoy a firm taste of meat. Now that health awareness is rising, natural and healthy “grassfed beef” is attracting attention.
■ Features of Bronco Billi “Charcoal” effect We offer New Zealand glasfed beef grown in a natural environment in a very thick slice where you can enjoy the most delicious meat. Although it is a thick-cut steak that is difficult to cook at home, Bronco Billy cooks with a focus on “charcoal baking”. Because of the characteristic far infrared effect of “charcoal-baked”, the outside is crispy and the inside of the meat is confined to a juicy finish, so you can enjoy thick cut meat in a more delicious state.
■ Menu Details ※ All prices are excluding tax Menu Name: New Zealand Charcoal Grilled Extra Thick Sirloin Steak (Single Item) “Sirloin” is located on the lower back of the cow and is a part where you can thoroughly enjoy the taste of fine red meat. [Image 2

Single item price: 150g / 1,480 yen 200g / 1,780 yen 300g / 2,480 yen ※ Image photograph 400g / 3,180 yen Menu name: Charcoal grilled Rib roast steak & New Zealand origin Charcoal grilled super thick sliced ​​sirloin steak (single item) Recommended for those who are interested in the difference between “Grasfed” and “Grainfed”! Two kinds of steak combination menus are available. The Charcoal-Grilled Ultimate Rib-Rock Steak is a “grain-fed beef” with more frosting than “Grass-fed” where you can enjoy the meat’s original taste with a focus on red meat. In addition, “Ribloin” is a dish with a good balance of red meat and marbling, and you can enjoy the deliciousness of fat, and because it is the back part of the cow in front of “Sarloin”, you can also enjoy the difference in parts. [Image 3

Single item price: 300 g / 3,180 yen Contents: Ribulose 150g + Sirloin 150g
Menu name: Charcoal grill Bronco hamburg & Charcoal grill super thick cut sirloin steak (single item) Bronco Billy Popular NO1 100% beef “The charcoal grilled Bronco hamburg” and the “New Zealand grilled super thick sliced ​​sirloin steak” from the New Zealand is a hearty combination set to enjoy double. [Image 4

Single item price: 340 g / 1,980 yen Content: Hamburg 190g + Steak 150g
Bronco Berry also offers a choice of “sticky set” menu. “Fresh salad bar set” Recommended for you who are healthy-minded! It is a set of only meat and vegetables. You can enjoy a fresh cut salad that you cut and cook in the store, a vegetable salad using seasonal ingredients that changes the menu five times a year, and a dessert menu such as cut fruit and jelly. [Image 5

Price: 400 yen plus for the above item menu Set contents: Fresh salad bar
“Bronco Set” Meat, rice and salad bar! You can fully enjoy Bronco Billi’s commitment. In addition to the three commitments of Broncobilly, “Charcoal Grill” and “Fresh Salad Bar”, there is “Large Rice”. By cooking one of Japan’s leading brand rice “Koshihikari from Uonuma” with a large furnace at high temperature, it is finished deliciously to plump shiny. [Image 6

Price: 500 yen plus for single item menu above Content: Fresh salad bar, Koshihikari from Uonuma Big rice (or bread), corn soup
[Image 7

About Bronco Billi A steak & hamburger restaurant that was born in Kita-ku, Nagoya in 1978 and celebrated its 40th anniversary. Based in the Tokai district, it has 134 stores in the Kanto and Kansai districts (as of the end of July 2019), hot and juicy steaks and hamburgers grilled with 2 types of charcoal, Uonuma Koshihikari cooked in large stoves, juniors Many customers are enjoying the deliciousness of the food, such as the seasonal salad bar that the vegetable sommelier thinks about. URL: http://www.bronco.co.jp/

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