[Game On Co., Ltd.] Online RPG “RED STONE” Further power-up! The second half of “GoldEx World” with an item drop rate of 5 times starts today!

Game On Inc. Online RPG “RED STONE” is even more powerful! The second half of “GoldEx World” with an item drop rate of 5 times starts today! The third edition of the “10 million yen campaign” has started! …………………………………………………………………………………………… August 14, 2019 (Wednesday) today, on the online RPG “RED STONE” operated by GameOn Inc. [Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Lee San-yup) After the regular maintenance was completed, the second half of the game, the item drop rate, was 5 times higher than the regular world on the limited-time server “GoldEx World”, which can train characters at ultra-high speed. In addition, the third round, the last chance of this summer, was started today, with the “Total 10 million Yen Campaign” that allows you to draw lots of prizes such as gaming PCs, 100,000 yen for travel tickets, and game items. [Image 3

■ Play the largest ever “GoldEx World” with an item drop rate of 5x! The second half of the “GoldEx World”, a special world that can cultivate currently popular characters at high speed, has started. The item drop rate is twice that of the normal world, but it will be powered up to “5 times”, and it has been expanded since Wednesday, August 14, 2019. . Please play at this opportunity where you can cultivate crisply with the maximum experience value magnification of 81 times up to level cap 5th reincarnation Lv900, and you can also get a lot of items. [Image 6

■ The last chance this summer! The third edition of the “10 million yen campaign” has started! “In-game items” that adventurers such as “gaming PC”, “travel ticket 100,000 yen worth” and other popular “real item prizes”, “lucky ticket 7 kinds set”, “premium lotto box 1,000” will always dream We launched the third installment of the “10 million yen campaign”, where prizes such as prizes can be drawn by lottery. Those who have applied for the first and second bullets so far, and those who have not made it in time, can apply for a new mood, so be sure to take the last big chance this summer. Please use it. Please play the “GoldEx World”, the largest ever in history, and the popular online game “RED STONE”, which is hosting the last big campaign this summer. [Table 6: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/10988/table/314_1.jpg”>

★ 5x item drop rate added for the second half of the gold medal! The second half of the special World “GoldEx World” (commonly known as Kinpeng) where characters can be trained at ultra high speeds began on August 14, 2019 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance. In the second half, in addition to the maximum experience multiplier of 81 times so far, the item drop rate when defeating a monster has been doubled compared to the normal world so far, but it has been powered up 5 times. Of course, after the period, you can move your character to your existing world. [Image 3

[Period] From August 14, 2019 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance to September 4 (Wednesday) before scheduled maintenance [Contents] A special world “GoldEx World” with a hunting gain of up to 81 times and an item drop rate of 5 times is being held for a limited time. After the period is over, you can move your character to your existing world! members.redsonline.jp/goldexworld/2019/index.asp [Table 7: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/10988/table/314_2.jpg”>

★ The popular “Glory Box Drop Event” is a gold revival! [Image 4

[Period] August 14, 2019 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance Until September 4th (Wed) before regular maintenance [Contents] An event that won popularity in April of this year will be reprinted exclusively at Kinpo! By using the “Treasure Map” that can be obtained by defeating a monster with a party with another player, a “box with RED STONE mana” will appear on the field. Furthermore, from this box, “4 types of glory boxes” that can be obtained rare items such as “Creature Ring” will appear at random. ★ The third Twitter campaign where you can win Amazon Gift Certificates at Follow & RT! [Image 5

[Period] From August 14, 2019 (Wednesday) to August 31, 2019 (Saturday) 23:59
[Contents] 】 If you follow the “RED STONE” official Twitter account and retweet the tweet eligible for the campaign, you will receive an Amazon Gift Certificate of 3,000 yen for 20 people by lottery. * This campaign is provided by Game On Inc. Inquiries about this campaign are not accepted by Amazon. For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact Game On Inc. * Amazon, Amazon.co.jp and its logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. members.redsonline.jp/news/news_body.asp?ntc_num=13117 members.redsonline.jp/news/news_body.asp?ntc_num=13002 [Table 8: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/10988/table/314_3.jpg”>

[Image 6

[Period] All period: From July 3, 2019 (Wednesday) after regular maintenance to September 3 (Tuesday) 23:59 3rd session currently being held: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 after regular maintenance to Tuesday, September 3, 23:59 * [Contents] During the campaign period, it will be a lottery from among those who applied through the special form, and will present various prizes worth a total of 10 million yen for the entire period. Prizes can be applied by selecting a total of 3 items from “real item prizes” such as gaming PCs and travel tickets worth 100,000 yen and “in-game item prizes” that can be used for game play. . In addition, all applicants will receive 300GEM worth of service points that can be exchanged for useful items in the game. In addition, if you play the game after applying for each period, you will receive an additional “Golden Box” in commemoration of the Golden Gem! Selectable real item prizes (3rd) [Table 9: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/10988/table/314_4.jpg”>

Selectable in-game item prizes [Table 10: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/10988/table/314_5.jpg”>

<The 3rd bulletin page for “Come! http://members.redsonline.jp/campaign/10million_2019/
■ List of links http://members.redsonline.jp/goldexworld/2019/index.asp http://members.redsonline.jp/news/news_body.asp?ntc_num=13117 http://members.redsonline.jp/news/news_body.asp?ntc_num=13002 <The 3rd detailed notification page of “Come! http://members.redsonline.jp/campaign/10million_2019/ http://www.redsonline.jp/ http://members.redsonline.jp/
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