[Kodansha Co., Ltd.] “Eat deliciously and aim for a healthy body,“ meat life ”special feature!” September weekend issue for adults released today!

Kodansha Inc. “Delicious meat and eating healthy food, special feature!” Adult weekend September issue released today! Adult weekend September 2019 issue September issue of “Adult Weekend” released on August 16th. The feature is “meat life”. We will deliver a three-star store of red beef, lamb, pork and hormones. In addition, there are plenty of contents, from the sea, mountains and hot springs to the hot springs to the special theme park for food! Meat is often eaten as a source of stamina, but red beef is said to have various effects such as anemia and cold prevention, and lamb prevention of aging and lifestyle-related diseases. So this issue is a special feature on Oto Weekly “meat” that aims to eat deliciously and have a healthy body! □ Please chew the meat and meat and use it for your health. Also featured is Atami, perfect for a leisure trip. Who said, “Oriental Monaco”. In the old days, this town was always loved by Japanese honeymooners. You can understand its charm by walking. Take a stroll, take a hot spring, drink tea, take a walk around the shoreline, and enjoy a delicious meal. Not only that. It features a theme park where you can experience not only delicious food and sweets, but also various other things. Healed by nature, factory tours, shopping, and hot springs … Why don’t you go to such a place and play all day? If you have this one book, you will definitely be able to find delicious rice and liquor and a fun outing spot without relying on online search! First of all, take a look at the gourmet magazine (according to our editorial department), the number one in the beauty salon in Tokyo. [Image

Adult weekend September 2019 issue
■ Adult weekend Main contents of September 2019 issue ・ If you want to stay healthy and live long, the meat is good! Chew me! ・ In addition to honor supply, prevention of dementia can also be expected Recommended for meat ・ Charcoal grill, cutlet, meatball and red meat Beef tuna beef dish 12 ・ From specialty stores to a plate of bal Lamb lamb dish 10 ・ From bistro to western restaurant in town Pork feast pork 8 ・ Introducing exquisite liver dishes, mainly yakiniku Built-in captivating hormone 9 ・ If you chew, it will overflow with umami and go well with sake. Tonight you will have a drink at the meat bar! ・ Relaxing time with sea, mountains and hot springs Traveling around Atami ・ Eat See Buy Buy Experience Let’s go to a food theme park! ・ Adult weekend × Rakuten market Ordering excellent bread ★ Serial / Eating happiness. , Yoshida sheep’s “Sheep Mesh-If you want to eat the grass”, Kinaki Haruka’s “Kinamitopan”, Gourmet Manga “Kuchifuku Sanmai”, Kusumi Masayuki’s “Game Shop”, Moriyama Daido’s “Tokyo Attractions”, Mackey Makimoto × Takeshi Monjo “Delicious Round-trip Letter”, “Meat Dojo” by Ichigo Maguchi, Tokyo Time Trip, Japanese Bizarre Festival, Otoshu EXPRESS, This month ’s gold medal is here! 1 month diary for masked lighter

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