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  • [Kodansha Co., Ltd.] Ayako Ayato’s new real mystery “Comic Remake”! ”Serialized from the October issue of“ Afternoon ”released on August 24!

[Kodansha Co., Ltd.] Ayako Ayato’s new real mystery “Comic Remake”! ”Serialized from the October issue of“ Afternoon ”released on August 24!

Kodansha Inc. “A Comic Remake” of Ayatsuya Yukito’s new authentic mystery “Tenkakan Murder”! ”Serialized from the October issue of“ Afternoon ”released on August 24! The original book has exceeded 1 million copies! Ayaka Ayato’s new full-fledged mystery “Tenkakan Murder” is a new series of “Comic Remake” by beautiful artist Akira Kiyohara! The comic version of the mystery masterpiece “Tenkakan Murder” will begin in the October 2019 issue of “Afternoon” released on Saturday, August 24th. [Image 1

“Takudokan Murder” is a debut work by Yukito Ayatsuji who won the 22nd Japan Mystery Literature Award in 2018, and the total number of copies has exceeded 1 million. Bringing the movement of “new authentic mystery” to Japan, and remaking this work, which was said to be “imaginary impossible”, as a comic version. We will deliver a new “Tenkakan Murder” with elements unique to manga such as “The stage will be 2018” and “Character settings will change”. The man in charge of the comic is Jun Kiyohara, who has teamed up with Ayatsuji Yukito in “Another”, and works as a illustrator with glossy and beautiful depictions. [Image 2

At the time of the notice publication, please read this work already buzzing on SNS. [Image 3

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▼ “The murder of the ten-eyed hall” Synopsis Seven people belonging to a university mystery study group visit a strange decagonal building on an isolated island. Seiji Nakamura, who designed the pavilion, had a mysterious burnt down half a year ago. And a terrible murderous drama opens the curtain. [Authors] Ayatsuji Yukito Born in Kyoto in 1960. Graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Education and completed the same graduate school. In 1987, he debuted as a writer with “The Murder of the Tenkakan” and pioneered the “new real movement”. In 1992, he won the 45th Japan Mystery Writers Association Award for “The Murder of the Watch Tower”. A series of feature films called the “kan series” such as “The Murder of the Watermill” and “The Murder of the Surprise” became a popular series that drove modern authentic mysteries. In addition, there are “Scarlet Blue”, “Killer”, “Kirigoe Mansion Murder Case”, “Eyeball Miracle”, “Last Memory”, “Midden Hill Mystery”, and “Another”. In 2004, he released more than 2600 masterpieces, “The Murder of the Dark House”. In 2012, Kodansha Novels published the latest work of the “Kan” series, “Kenshinkan no Murder”. In 2018, he won the 22nd Japan Mystery Literature Award. Kiyohara Hiro Cartoonist and illustrator. Manga works include “I can only hear you”, “Woman of laundromat”, “Another”, and “Detective detective”. As an illustrator, he is responsible for the design of many books, and has also worked on character designs for games such as “Valkyria of the Whispering Revolution”. For the latest information, please check the “Afternoon” official website: afternoon.kodansha.co.jp/

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