[Prince Hotel in the Takanawa / Shinagawa area] The first year-end and New Year holidays are up to 9 consecutive holidays! New Year accommodation plan General reservation acceptance starts from August 29

Prince Hotel Co., Ltd. [Prince Hotel in the Takanawa / Shinagawa area] The first year-end and New Year holidays are up to 9 consecutive holidays! New Year accommodation plan General reservation acceptance starts from August 29 Expansion of services that are conscious of long-term stay of three generations The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo, Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, Takanawa Hanakaji, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa (Location: 3-3-1 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo) General Manager: Makoto Yamamoto and Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Location: Tokyo Port) 4-10-30 Takanawa-ku, General Manager: Tetsumitsu Hashimoto) will begin accepting general reservations for “New Year Plan 2020” from Thursday, August 29, 2019. * [Image 1

Takanawa Nightlight Bell image This year’s year-end and New Year holidays are up to 9 consecutive holidays and are well-aligned, and it is also the first New Year of Oryo. Therefore, for the three generations who are expected to stay for a long period of time, the Takanawa area has the theme of “Japanese New Year connecting traditions”. We have enhanced the services to support your stay. On the other hand, Shinagawa Prince Hotel, where family demand is high, can be used in events such as aquariums and movie theaters as well as events that can be enjoyed by small children, such as sports experiences that are gaining attention at international competitions, under the theme of “New Year to play entertainment town” We will expand the contents of entertainment tickets. With the plan contents that make use of the characteristics of each hotel, we will produce a gorgeous New Year that will be greeted for the first time. [Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/21564/table/123_1.jpg”>

◆ Takanawa Area New Year Plan 2020 Overview
◆ Enjoy a traditional “New Year in Japan” with a variety of hands-on events that take advantage of a Japanese garden of about 20,000 square meters, as well as dishes such as New Year dishes and simmered dishes from all over the country. Ryokan Takanawa Hanakaji, a 16-room inn where families can easily spend together in a Japanese-style room, is also popular. [Image 2

* Price includes accommodation, plan passport / ticket, service charge / consumption tax / accommodation tax. (The contents of the plan ticket and the events and events that can be participated vary depending on the plan. Please contact us for details.) * Reservations and inquiries from customers are available at [New Year Plan Secretariat TEL: 0120-070-616 (10:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.)]. More relaxed time for the New Year If you make a reservation for the “Ogi” or “Lion Dance” plan by September 30 (Monday), you will receive a free night with breakfast on January 3 (Friday). Traditional New Year in touch with Japanese culture In the bell tower of the early Edo period, which was relocated from Nara, a pair of customers helped one by one to ring the bell at night. [Date] December 31, 2019 (Tue) [Price] Free * Limited 108 pairs / reservation system Dynamic performance suitable for the New Year. We will also have a writing experience that you can enjoy with your grandchildren. [Date] January 1, 2020 (New Year’s Day) * The first day of writing will also be held on Thursday (Thu) [Price] Free For genuine active seniors This is a grand banquet hall where chandeliers shine, and we celebrate the opening of the New Year with the live singing voice of Tomotaka Okamoto, a rare sopranist in the world. [Date] December 31, 2019 (Tue) [Fee] Plan Passport Annual New Year’s attendance. Irifunetei Ogiyu and Hayashi Kikuzo will appear. [Period] January 1, 2020 (New Year’s Day), 2 (Thursday) [Fee] Plan Passport For three generations who want to enjoy with their grandchildren A family concert by Hiroshi Aoshima, which is very popular with children. Enjoy the whole family with the theme of mermaid princess. [Date] Thursday, January 2, 2020 [Fee] Plan Passport To enjoy your stay in three generations with peace of mind <Senior Stay Care ServiceWe offer a tailor-made service where the care staff can help you with your stay according to your needs. As a “living room” for a hotel stay where family can relax together Customers staying at each hotel club floor and Takanawa Hanakaji, and some members staying at The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo (* 1) can use the three club lounges at any hotel. * 1: SEIBU PRINCE CLUB Platinum members and Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite, Titanium Elite, Platinum Elite customers [Image 3

Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Club Lounge Hanaga * In addition, there are also year-end premium dinner buffets, New Year premium buffets, Kisokan concerts, New Year Mochimochi show, historical exploration street walks, New Year tree-planting parties, etc.
◆ Overview of Shinagawa Prince Hotel New Year Plan 2020
◆ There are many events that are unique to Shinagawa, an entertainment town that goes beyond the boundaries of a hotel. Sports plans that you want to challenge because of 2020 are also exciting. [Image 4

* Prices include plan tickets, entertainment tickets, service charges, consumption tax, and accommodation tax that can be used for meals and events. (The contents of the plan ticket and the events and events that can be participated vary depending on the plan. Please contact us for details.) * For inquiries from customers: [Accommodation TEL: 03-5421-7204 (9:30 A.M.-6:00P.M.), Restaurant TEL: 03-5421-1114 (9:30 A.M. ~ 6: 00pm P.M.)] Future Olympian is born! Recommended for children Tennis, golf and swimming pools are also taught by instructors. [Period] December 31, 2019 (Tuesday) to January 2, 2020 (Thursday) * Some exclusion dates available [Price] Tennis, Golf, Pool: Entertainment Ticket / Bouldering, Table Tennis, Badminton: Free [Image 5

Pool image You can enjoy abundant entertainment facilities Use contents, facility power up! Please use it freely for the refreshment time of the whole family. Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa ・ Admission to the aquarium ・ Attraction-free ride ・ 1 kind of drink & food at bar and shop [Image 6

T. Joy PRINCE Shinagawa ・ Appreciating the screening work (with a cafe discount ticket) [Image 7

Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center ・ With 1 game and rental shoes ・ Professional one-point lessons, etc. [Image 8

* Also available at sports facilities, karaoke, New Year event venues, shops, and relaxation facilities. 4 countdown parties full of personality A new concert where you can enjoy live movies. Electone by Masaru Kanda plays a sound that approaches a full orchestra. [Date] December 31, 2019 (Tue) [Price] Plan ticket (Shinagawa-juku plan, First Fuji plan, Icho plan) It will be held at “DINING & BAR TABLE 9 TOKYO”, a night play spot on the top floor of the hotel. [Date] December 31, 2019 (Tue) [Price] Plan ticket (GEKKOU plan) * “KAGETSU” New Year Show in Club eX and “Countdown Party Concerto del Sopranista” are also available. To commemorate family trip Make a commemorative photo of your family by making a reservation for a private room plan where you can enjoy Osechi and dinner more slowly. You can choose from 4 restaurants, including grilled and Japanese, for dinner. [Period] December 31, 2019 (Tue)-January 2, 2020 (Thu) [Private room charge] ¥ 7,000 ~ per room (limited to groups of 6 people or more) * In addition, Shinagawa Kyogen, Shinobue performance, Japanese drum performance, Mochitsuki tournament, New Year’s challenge stage, Japanese sake drink comparison, drone flight experience, Daifuku tea, candy making, aroma hand care, etc. will also be held. * The above information is information as of the release date (August 28). Please note that there may be changes in some of the implementation details. ※The photograph is an image.

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