Takafumi Suzuki, who played for Machida Zelvia, The Spaxsatsu Gunma, etc., became the top team coach of TOKYO CITY F.C.

PLAYNEW Inc. Takafumi Suzuki, who played for Machida Zelvia, The Spaxsatsu Gunma, etc., became the top team coach of TOKYO CITY F.C. …………………………………………………………………………………………… TOKYO CITY F.C. will be informed that Takafumi Suzuki has become the top team coach. [Image

Mr. Suzuki joined FC Machida Zelvia in 2010 after working at Toho Gakuen High School and Tokyo Gakugei University. After the promotion of the team to J2, he played in Fagiano Okayama and Zaspakusatsu Gunma, played 165 games in the J League and recorded 29 points. TOKYO CITY F.C. is a Shibuya-born social football club aiming for the J-League from Shibuya, and belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Adult Soccer League Division 2 (Tokyo 2nd Division), which is equivalent to 8 copies from J1. Mr. Suzuki has already joined the top team and is scheduled to enter the bench from the second league match on September 8th.
■ Profile of Takafumi Suzuki Name: Suzuki Takafumi Nickname: Takafumi Hometown: Moriya, Ibaraki Date of birth: November 17, 1987 Player history: Aseno SC Junior-Aseno SC Jr Youth-Toho Gakuen High School-Tokyo Gakugei University-FC Machida Zelvia-Faziano Okayama FC-FC Machida Zelvia-The Spaxsatsu Gunma J-League commute game: 165 games (J2 92 games / J3 73 games) J League total score: 29 points (10 points for J2 / 19 points for J3)
■ Comment from Takafumi Suzuki I am Takafumi Suzuki, who has been involved with TOKYO CITY F.C. Former CITY player and university classmate Naoya Shimizu (TABIPPO representative) went to see the game, and then met with Fukasawa several times to ask about CITY’s appeal and future vision, and to be honest It was the decisive factor of joining the club that I felt like that. First of all, I would like to fight together for the first goal, promotion to the first section of Tokyo. Thank you. TOKYO CITY F.C. A social football club born in Shibuya, aiming for the J League from Shibuya. Focusing on social media members, based on social values ​​(diversity, transparency, open mind, flat relationship), a good social vision “Football for good” “” Established in 2014, in the 2019 season belongs to the 2nd part of the Tokyo Professional Football League. Club official website: https://tcfc.jp/
■ Inquiries regarding this matter TOKYO CITY F.C./PLAYNEW Inc. Contact: Sakai Mail: info@tcfc.jp

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