[Ryukyu Astida Sports Club Co., Ltd.] Okinawa’s strongest influencer unit “Ryukyu Astida Girls” formed!

Ryukyu Astea Sports Club Co., Ltd. Formation of Okinawa’s strongest influencer unit “Ryukyu Astida Girls”! We play an active part in event of Ryukyu Astida and SNS Ryukyu Astida formed “Ryukyu Astida Girls” by seven Instagrammers living in Okinawa. Through the Nojima T-League 2019-2020 season home match venue and team SNS, we will send information on Ryukyu Astida from a female perspective. “Ryukyu Astida Girls” was established with the aim of becoming the strongest influencer group in Okinawa. The latest information such as Ryukyu Astida players and game information, directly managed junior schools and restaurants, team sponsor events, etc. will be disseminated from the perspective of women living in Okinawa using team official SNS and personal SNS. Please pay attention to the activities of the new PR team of Ryukyu Astida, which is changing the table tennis in a more fashionable and cool way. [Image

[Ryukyu Astida Girls Member / Instagram Account] Yuina instagram.com/yuinaushio?igshid=1tifbpwbzu16s
● Rieko instagram.com/rieko_018?igshid=1e10yq6gk7n9h
● Ami instagram.com/ami228?igshid=1aptp13toypm6
● Reina instagram.com/reinamaehira?igshid=1lf932fmox4kx
● Kazui instagram.com/kazui.s2?igshid=1e4k8av5bzw5b
● Asuka instagram.com/asukaymkw?igshid=18jwwksp059n9
● Kana instagram.com/kana.ink?igshid=1pa8fcj9bhn3s [Ryukyu Astida Girls Comment Video] https://youtu.be/BbNinY9LpYo (Team Official Youtube Channel) [Comment by Ryukyu Astida Sports Club representative, Shusaku Hayakawa] Above all, it was my wish to organize an influencer and “Ryukyu Astida Girls” rooted in the local area of ​​Okinawa. “Ryukyu Astida Girls” is an influencer group that conveys our activities to make table tennis cooler and change table tennis players in a more fashionable way, with an unchanging feeling from the beginning. Please pay attention to the PR strategy that changes the image of table tennis.

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