[JPA] Announcement of “Padel” class at Sapporo International University

JPA Announcement of “padel” class at Sapporo International University From September 27, 2019, it was decided that Padel will be introduced to physical education classes at Sapporo International University for the first time in Japan. I am convinced that it will be a big step towards promoting the spread of padels to Hokkaido and students. What is Padel Padel was born in Spain 45 years ago and is a sport with elements of tennis and squash. It is popular as a new sport that is rapidly increasing in popularity, with a population of 12 million people worldwide, especially the second largest in Spain. [Image 1

The padel is a two-player racket sport where the four sides are covered with tempered glass and wire mesh, and are smaller than the tennis court. The racket is shorter than tennis and is easy to handle due to its shape like a battledore, making it easy for anyone from racquet sports beginners to children and the elderly to enjoy. By making use of the bounce of the wall, one play is longer than tennis, and the game’s appeal is that it requires a variety of shot-based tactics. Comment from Shingo Takamatsu, Director, Japan Padel Association Padel is a sport that can be enjoyed together even if there is a difference in level between men and women. There are currently no padel courts in Hokkaido, but I would like to make a class that conveys the appeal of padel. Eventually, we hope that padel courts will be created in Hokkaido, and events and competitions will be held that will allow you to interact with padel players and fans across the country. Please refer to the following page for other details. Japan Padel Association official website: https://www.japanpadel.com/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JapanPadelOfficial/ Sapporo International University The goal of university education is to create “independent human beings”. It is the training of people who think, act on their own, and reflect on themselves. Sapporo International University is a new university in its 25th year. In 2009, we established a sports anthropology department to learn about sports guidance and business. The Faculty of Tourism is the second country in the country, and trains human resources for tourism nations and prefectures. There is also a humanities department where you can learn modern culture, clinical psychology, and child psychology. Sapporo International University Junior College has been in operation for 49 years. In particular, it has played a pioneering role in practical and career education nationwide. The Early Childhood Education Department has been working 100% for 24 consecutive years. Since April 2018, the University has accepted a large number of foreign students from overseas, and has established an international center to promote overseas study abroad. Centered on this center, the University will actively provide guidance and support for high school students so that they can enter the University and study abroad. In terms of facilities, a new school building on the first basement floor and 11 floors above ground was completed in June 2013. [Image 2

・ HP: http://www.siu.ac.jp/ ・ Location: 4-4, Kiyota 4-1, 1-1 Kiyota-ku, Sapporo 004-8602 ・ Lecturer Shingo Takamatsu, Director, Japan Padel Association ・ Person in charge Shunsuke Hashiba, Kensuke Hori ・ Initiation of padel introduction When I saw an important senior from Hashiba trying to spread Padel in Japan, I really wanted to help ・ What to expect The spread of hot padels in the northern land ・ Summary A temporary padel court will be set up at the gymnasium to provide hands-on experience

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