World’s No.1 rugby team is decided! Player! Is breaking news of all matches in the International Defense Rugby Competition 2019!

ookami World’s No.1 rugby team is decided! Player! Is breaking news of all matches in the International Defense Rugby Competition 2019! Design a new sports life that can only be done by smartphones, from live to news Sports start-up company ookami will be breaking news on the “Entertainment World Rugby Competition 2019” that will open today on Monday, September 9th on the sports entertainment app “Player!”. Player! Will make every effort to determine the strongest rugby team in the world’s army and other teams. Let ’s support Lagerman around the world from Player! iPhone app: Special event page: [Image 1

Get closer to the excitement of sports and impress people’s daily lives. Player! Is a smartphone app that allows you to experience “real” sports. With Player !, you can enjoy the sport more closely while talking about live enthusiasm without missing that moment of excitement. You can also check news and schedules that interest you. Next to the stadium and TV, to the third watching portal. Let’s start a new sports life with Player! Prior to the first Rugby World Cup held in Japan on September 20, “Another World Cup” and international defense rugby competition will be held. From Japan, a selection team of the Self-Defense Forces of the land, sea and air, known as “Defense Blossoms” will participate. Defense Blossoms is aiming to break through for the first time. The head coach, former Japanese representative Katsuhiro Matsuo, has been preparing several camps since last fall. Go to the tournament to excite the momentum before the tournament. Appearing from the second round, the first round will face France and Papua New Guinea winners. Player! Real-time news of all matches in Player! looking forward to! [Image 2

Tournament page: 9/11 (Wed) 11: 30 ~ British Army vs Georgia Army 9/11 (Wednesday) 11:30 ~ Papua New Guinea Independent Army vs French Army 9/11 (Wednesday) 14:30 ~ Australian army vs Tonga Kingdom army 9/11 (Wednesday) 14:30 ~ South Korean army vs Fiji Republic army 9/15 (Sun) 11: 30 ~ TBD vs SDF representative 9/15 (Sun) 11:30 ~ New Zealand army vs. undecided Semi final 9/19 (Thursday) 10: 00 ~ 9/19 (Thursday) 11: 30 ~ 3rd place decision 9/23 (Monday) 11: 30 ~ final 9/23 (Monday) 14: 30 ~ Friendly match 9/15 (Sunday) 14: 30 ~ 9/15 (Sunday) 14: 30 ~ 9/19 (Thursday) 13: 00 ~ 9/19 (Thursday) 14: 30 ~ 9/19 (Thursday) 16: 00 ~ 9/23 (Monday) 10: 00 ~ * Everyone can get free news from Player! Like this tournament. Player! Helps athletes, sports teams, and leagues deliver matches to many people through game bulletins, and acquire and engage fans. If you are a public relations team member or event organizer, please contact us from here. → [Player! App Overview] Title Player! Genre Sports Entertainment App Release date “iPhone version: April 2015 / Apple Watch version: September 2016 Android version: coming soon” Usage fee completely free (no in-app purchase) Development and operation (right notation) ookami Co., Ltd. ((C) ookami, Inc.) Supported languages ​​Japanese, English Service URL App Store:!-your-best-sport-feed/id897872395 Official website Official twitter [Image 3

[Outline of ookami (as of September 1, 2019)] Trade name: ookami Head office location: 21-8 Hanagi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 21-8 Representative: Taiyo Ogata Business: Development and operation of sports entertainment app “Player!”, Development and operation of sports information infrastructure History: April 2014 ookami Co., Ltd. established June 2014: Raised funds from Mr. Taisue, user base, and individual investors July 2014 Head office moved to Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo September 2014 “Player!” Beta version released March 2015: Raised funds from individual investors such as Tomito Ebine and Toshiaki Komatsu April 2015 “Player!” IPhone version officially released December 2015 App Store Best of 2015 Winner April 2016 Raised funds from Glee Ventures September 2016 Winning 2016 Good Design Award March 2017 Fundraising from IMJ Investment Partners, Glee Ventures, Asahi Shimbun etc. June 2017 IVS 2017 Spring Kobe “ LaunchPad ” participation October 2017 Tokyu Acceleration Program 2017 finalist, Tokyu Corporation, New Work Award June 2018 Fundraising from NTT Docomo Ventures, Mizuho Capital, Asahi Media Lab Ventures, ASICS Ventures, etc. July 2019 Representative Director Taiyo Ogata elected “ Forbes Presents the 30 Under 30 Asia ” Ookami Co., Ltd. is a start-up company that creates new value for sports through harmony between people and information technology. The present age is in the midst of an information revolution, and with the advancement of technology, individual lifestyles will change dramatically. Traditional sports entertainment also requires a turning point. ookami develops and operates the sports entertainment app “Player!” to innovate sports around the world in such a fast-paced society. All members will make every effort to deliver a richer sporting life and the excitement of sports to as many people as possible around the world.

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