[Hotels.com] Hotels.com announces the most popular sport for millennials on a domestic trip in conjunction with the fall of sports!

Hotels.com Hotels.com announces the most popular sport for millennials on a domestic trip in conjunction with the fall of sports! Sports event calendar for Hotels.com’s mascot and Belpag is also available! [Image

● After all sports are good! : 43% of Japanese millennials say they have traveled in the country to experience and watch sports -Enjoy more because it’s getting cooler! : Soccer, baseball and tennis are the top sports you want to watch on domestic millennial tours.
● Wish list of summer tournament: If you add a new official event to the summer sports tournament in 2020, “Kendo” and the most millennials will answer
● Sightseeing as well as sports: Millennium generation where more than half enjoy not only watching sports but also sightseeing. Tokyo, which has many attractions, is the most popular destination for experiencing and watching sports.
● Sports calendar announcement for sports fans! : Japanese sports trip recommended by Belpag The summer is over and I feel the coming of autumn. Sports are attracting attention all over Japan for the upcoming 2019 and 2020 international sports festivals. In commemoration of less than a year until the summer sports competition in 2020, Hotels.com (TM) introduces some interesting research results on Japanese millennials traveling in the country for sports experiences and watching games. To do. According to Hotels.com, 43% of Japanese millennials say they have traveled in the country for sports, and 96% of them say that the main purpose of travel is sports experience and watching. thinking about. Specifically, “soccer” (55%), “baseball” (46%), and “tennis” (44%). Furthermore, for certain games, “Professional Baseball” (41%) and “J League” (36%) are selected as the top two popular sports in domestic travel. The passion for traveling for sports is stunning. 21% of millennials confess that they have lied to their companions to hide their purpose of experiencing and watching sports live abroad. In addition, there seems to be no hesitation in sacrificing “monthly ban” (34%) or “work” (32%) to travel for sports purposes! It’s not just athletes who are excited about next summer’s sports competition. 34% of Japanese millennials say that international sports competitions are the best candidates for travel purposes. But this is not the only passion for international sports competitions. If it comes true, we are eager to introduce sports including Japanese traditional sports such as “Kendo” (43%), “Motor Racing” (35%) and “Sumo” (30%). The According to Hotels.com, “Tokyo” (55%) was the top travel destination for sporting purposes among millennials, followed by “Hokkaido” and “Osaka” in the second place (29%), and “Okinawa” ( 23%). As 52% of the millennium generation wants to enjoy sightseeing after watching a live game, cities with lots of attractions and fun seem to be popular. This is a convincing result because the top two millennial travel objectives are “tourism” (68%) and “gourmet” (64%). As soon as the supporting team’s schedule is announced, one in four (24%) millennials plan their trips. In addition, if you travel in the country for sports, you can spend 8032 yen on average without spending money on sports events and experiences. In fact, 42% of millennial travelers say that if they are traveling for sports purposes, they can raise their budget if there is a hotel near the competition venue for convenience. The distance to the competition venue seems to be important even under the conditions of hotel selection. 49% of millennial travelers say that “closeness” is an essential requirement for sports travel. This is followed by “24-hour check-in” (36%) and “Close to tram / subway / train station” (29%). Takehito Ijiri, representative of Hotels.com Japan, stated: “The purpose of travel is various, but various sporting events are held all over Japan this year, and the purpose of travel is becoming more and more popular. A little weekend for sports experience and watching games Whether you’re traveling or on a long vacation, you can take advantage of Hotels.com Rewards (TM) (* 2), which is 10 nights free. ” To make your trip even more affordable, Hotels.com organizes autumn trip sales for domestic accommodation. Up to 40% off accommodation until 11 November. For more information, please see here (https://hotels.com/hotel-deals/ss001-seasonal/). What do you think? Lastly, Hotels.com’s cute mascot Belpag has a sporting event calendar! From motor racing to baseball and skiing, Hotels.com covers all the upcoming sports seasons you can’t miss! * 1 A survey on domestic travel in Japan for sports experiences and watching games was conducted in July 2019 by One Poll Inc. targeting 500 respondents aged 25 to 35 who live in Japan. * 2 Tax and service charges are not included in the Free Night Award. The maximum amount of money you can use with a Free Night Award is equal to the average daily price of your 10 nights room rate. Registration and booking are available on the Hotels.com website, Apple Store, and the Hotels.com app on Google Play. For details, please refer to the full terms and conditions (https://jp.hotels.com/customer_care/terms_conditions.html).
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