Tokyo Game Show 2019 e-Sports X RED STAGE “e-Sports Special Program” Sponsored by JeSU

Japan eSports Association Tokyo Game Show 2019 e-Sports X RED STAGE “e-Sports Special Program” Sponsored by JeSU The Japan e-Sports Union (Chairman: Hideki Okamura, hereinafter referred to as JeSU) will perform on the Tokyo Game Show “e-Sports X RED” stage on September 12 (Thu) and 13 (Fri) (9 E-Sports Special Program “will be held at -10 Hall). Although this program is held on a business day, general visitors can also view it for free if they pre-register (first-come-first-served basis). The URL of the pre-registration site for general visitors is as follows. Featured program
● September 12 (Thursday) 15: 30-17: 00 IESF “11th eSports World Championship” eFootball Winning Eleven 2020 Japan National Team [Image 1

The representative player of Japan for the “eFootball Winning Eleven 2020” title of the “11th eSports World Championship” hosted by the International eSports Federation (IESF) to be held in December will be selected. At the venue, PS4 version eFootball Winning Eleven 2020 Special Agent Black Ball will be distributed to all visitors and a luxurious lottery will be planned. [Qualifying players] Mayageka, Reba, Katpyya, Udai, Karage, Carly, Shrimp Pool, Comforter * Four people who won the preliminaries at the JeSU booth (9 holes) from 10:00 on the same day will participate.
● September 13 (Friday) 13: 00-16: 30 “Rainbow Six Siege” International Goodwill Exhibition Fnatic Vs Invited Rainbow Six Siege World No.1 e-sports team “Fnatic”. We will play against Japan’s top team “Father Back” as an international friendship exhibition match.
■ Fnatic A charismatic team that has gained tremendous popularity in the esports world as a professional team with numerous world championships. [Image 2

From left: Lusty, Acez, Virtue, RizRaz, Magnet
■ Father’s back A multi-professional gaming streamer group with the largest reach in Japan [Image 3

From left: Apple, BEESUN, Kakk� + E, Kenki, DustelBox * For other programs, please check this website. [Outline of JeSU “e-Sports X” Stage] Venue: Makuhari Messe Hall 11 “e-Sports X” Stage Organizer: Japan eSports Union (JeSU) The date and time: Thursday, September 12 from 12:15 to 17:00 September 13 (Friday) 10: 30-16: 30 * Some stage contents will also be distributed live on the website. Detailed information will be provided on the JeSU website. * The above date and time may change without prior notification. [About Japan eSports Union (JeSU)] The Japan e-Sports Union aims to promote and promote the esports in Japan, improve the national competitiveness and promote the sporting spirit for the purpose of promoting esports. JeSU will promote competition for e-sports recognition and esports players in order to expand competition for e-sports competitions such as certification of competition titles, issuance of professional licenses for athletes, and international competitions such as the Asian Games. We are making various efforts such as dispatching players. In addition, with the support of the following sponsor companies and organizations, we will strive to develop the domestic esports industry. Official Sponsors: KDDI Corporation, Suntory Holdings Ltd., Lawson Corporation, Third Wave Inc., Beams Corporation, Indeed Japan Corporation, Bic Camera Inc., Wakasa Life Co., Ltd. Activity grant: General foundation [Non-profit] Kagetsu Foundation Cooperation: Computer Entertainment Association (CESA) Japan Online Game Association (JOGA) Support: Japan Amusement Industry Association (JAIA) Digital Media Association (AMD)

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