[Japan Padel Association] Announcement of World Junior Padel Championship Japan National Team members

JPA Announcement of World Junior Padel Championship Japan National Team members ~ October 14, 2019, held in Castellon, Spain ~ The Japan Padel Association (hereinafter referred to as JPA) is a boy and girl for the “12th World Junior Padel Championship” and “World Open Junior Padel Championship Men and Women Doubles” to be held in Castellon, Spain from October 14. We will inform you that the U-18 Japan National Team has been decided. The World Junior Padel Championship is the world’s best stage where national teams from all over the world fight for the best in the world. The World Open Junior Padel Championship Men and Women Doubles are individual matches by each representative. JPA will continue to develop and approach a wide range of players for the popularization and development of padels in Japan. [Image 1

Japan representative member Men / Men (Affiliation) U-18 Leon Aurelius Taira (DROP SHOT / Padel Asia) Tsubasa Suminaka (Junior Varlion Team) U-16 Lemiel Kei Taira (DROP SHOT / Padel Asia) Haruki Tamagawa (Free) U-14 Sone Taiyo (Padel Essential / Orven) Fumito Sato (Junior Varlion Team) Maximiliano Ryu Gutbezahl (Team adidas) Haru Kaneko (Free) Women U-16 Endo Riro (Junior Varlion Team) Hanoka Tanaka (PADEL BOX) Staff Director / Head Coach: Koji Nakatsuka Coach: Gago Asier Martinez Support / Support: Sayaka Yoshimoto / Sayaka Yoshimoto About the World Junior Championships [Image 2

Outline Date: October 14 (Mon)-October 20 (Sun), 2019 Venue: Castellon Spain Organizer: International Padel Federation Tournament HP: http://www.mundialmenores.com Highlight This is the best junior tournament organized by the International Padel Federation, with a host of powerful nations such as Spain and Argentina. Many athletes have flapped to the world’s top pros after this tournament, and the Japanese representatives are very much looking forward to becoming the first step to play an active part in such a world. Comment from JPA Chairman Koji Nakatsuka I believe that being able to participate in the World Junior Championships in the third year since the establishment of the Japan Padel Association in 2016 is supported by many people who love and support Padel. . Junior is the future and treasure of Japan Padel. We will do our best to expand the “padel circle” at a traditional tournament in which 16 countries around the world participate. Please refer to the following page for other details. Japan Padel Association official website: https://www.japanpadel.com/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JapanPadelOfficial/ Sponsorship Renovate, Inc. http://www.re-novate.com/ [Image 3

PADEL BOX https://www.facebook.com/PADEL.BOX.YOKOHAMA.KELME/ [Image 4

Mamezo Holdings Co., Ltd. https://www.mamezou-hd.com [Image 5

There https://www.arisozushi.com/ [Image 6

Ariel Padel Club https://www.arielpadelclub.com/ [Image 7

VIBOR-A https://viborapadel.com [Image 8

About Padel Padel was born in Spain 45 years ago and is a sport with elements of tennis and squash. With a population of 12 million people worldwide, and the second largest sports population in Spain, it is popular as a new sport that is rapidly increasing in popularity. [Image 9

The feature is that it is a racket sport only for two-player competition, in which the four sides of the smaller court than the tennis court are covered with tempered glass and wire mesh. The points are counted and the game progress is the same as in tennis, but it is a sport that is attractive for dynamic but strategic brain play utilizing the bounce of the wall. In addition, a small court and easy-to-handle racket can be enjoyed regardless of level, such as sports beginners, children and elderly people. If you don’t need to be physically challenged, you can enjoy a match between three generations of men and women and parents. Inquiries regarding this matter Japan Padel Association, Public Relations Manager: Nobutagi Yanagiya Email address: pr@japanpadel.com

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