[Grand Hyatt Tokyo] Sports fall! Autumn of appetite! Playful black / white / red and other dynamic rugby gourmet burgers & hot dogs-Grand Hyatt Tokyo 2019 Autumn-

Grand Hyatt Tokyo Autumn of sports! Autumn of appetite! Playful black / white / red and other dynamic rugby gourmet burgers & hot dogs-Grand Hyatt Tokyo 2019 Autumn- Gorgeous red Japanese hot dogs with Wagyu beef and a variety of craft beers and beer cocktails from around the world are also available! A dynamic luxury hotel towering in the hustle and bustle of the city, Grand Hyatt Tokyo (Minato-ku, Tokyo, General Manager: Steve Dwyer) ‘s Oak Door Bar has a rugby motif in the eyes of the rugby motif. There will also be a fun gourmet burger and hot dog. We deliver four types of burgers and hot dogs that are perfect for the autumn season of appetite. In addition to preparing craft beers from around the world, you can also enjoy a colorful beer cocktail made by a versatile bartender for a limited time. [Image 1

Wagyu beef is only available at the steakhouse! 4 types of burgers and hot dogs that will excite you! At the Oak Door Bar, where you can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails and wines in an international atmosphere, burgers and hot drinks can be enjoyed with friends in the autumn when sports events such as international rugby competitions are abundant. 4 types of dogs are available. The red buns are inspired by Japan, the white buns inspired by New Zealand-like black buns and the country where rugby originated, England, and the image color of rugby balls. Available in brown buns and 4 different colors. [Image 2

Offer period: From Friday, September 20, 2019 to Saturday, November 2 Offer time: Dinner from 18:00 to 22:30 Menu name / rate (excluding tax and service charge): Rugby burger ¥ 2,800 each ★ New menu * Japan only 3,800 yen ・ Japan: Wagyu steak, pork sausage, radish, teriyaki mayonnaise sauce, eggplant [Image 3

Wagyu slices were placed on top of pork sausage and teriyaki mayonnaise sauce was added. In addition, topped with radish and eggplant peel soaked in sweet vinegar and chili. The refreshing spiciness that remains sweet and sour, and the scent of the coconut is a subtle taste. Japanese ingredients form a scrum, each one exquisitely complemented. New Zealand: beef patties, fried jalapenos, tomato relish, lettuce, purple onions, cheddar cheese [Image 4

The buns made from bamboo charcoal blended with dough are combined with a 100% prime beef pate and purple onions topped with New Zealand tomato sauce “Tomato Relish”, lettuce and melted cheddar cheese. In addition, topped with fried jalapenos. When you eat a bite, the smoky scent of charcoal grill, the richness of cheese, and the spicy jalapeno spicy comes later, and the burger is perfect for eating. ・ England: Pork sausage, purple sauerkraut, grain mustard [Image 5

England, which is prepared with steamed white buns, has a simple taste of purple sauerkraut and grain mustard in pork sausage made with homemade recipes.
Rugby: pork sausage, chili concan, purple onion, cheddar cheese [Image 6

Pork sausage full of volume A little spicy chili concan and a rich deep cheddar cheese match exquisitely.
Beer that can not be separated from rugby and beer cocktails that image each country together with burgers During the same period, beer is a drink that can be said to be consumed several times during a rugby game, and is inseparable even if it is cut. You can enjoy 9 kinds of beers from around the world and colorful beer cocktails for a limited time. Among them, green and orange are beer cocktails that are inspired by the standard cocktail for a limited time. Please enjoy with burgers and hot dogs. [Image 7

[Image 8

・ Beer variety ¥ 1,000 ~ Japan, USA, Scotland, Ireland, France, Netherlands America (2 types), Belgium (2 types) ・ Various cocktails 1,600 yen “Beer” China Blue -Blue curacao, lychee juice, grapefruit juice, beer “Beer” Aperol -Aperol orange, orange juice, beer * Other classic beer cocktails Store information: “Oak door bar” 03-4333-8784 (direct) https://www.tokyo.grand.hyatt.co.jp/restaurants/recommended/oak-door-autumn-burger/

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