world’s first! All training in a high altitude environment! High-altitude training for high-age children over 10 years old “High Altitude Junior” START! A program implemented by professional soccer player Tomoaki Kanno! (Tokyo Kichijoji Studio)

High Alchi world’s first! All training in a high altitude environment! High-altitude training for high-age children over 10 years old “High Altitude Junior” START! A program implemented by professional soccer player Tomoaki Kanno! (Tokyo Kichijoji Studio) 9/20 (Friday) 16:00-17:00 Along with Tomoaki Kanno, a media experience meeting will be held! We are accepting trial reservations for the general public! High-altitude training is a training that can be expected to have a great effect when performed in the junior period, when the athletic ability greatly increases and the body’s adaptability is high. Click here for general experience booking: ★ ☆ ★ ☆ Half price for experience only now! Limited to the first 100 people, 2,000 yen discount campaign for a monthly fee is held! ★ ☆ ★ ☆ [Image 1

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■ Athlete program for you Just a 30 minute walk will give you 2 hours of training! “High Altitude” is a coined word derived from high altitude (High Altitude, High Altitude), the first high altitude training studio (TM) in Japan where you can experience the “Train from Cells” training program based on high altitude training. You can exercise in a “high altitude space” that is about the same as a 2,500m mountain created with equipment originally developed by High Alch. Because the body is stressed just by being in a low oxygen state like a high altitude, high altitude training can be highly effective without exercising tightly, and the effect can be obtained by walking for 30 minutes, the usual 2 hours It is said that it is comparable to the movement. It is a training method that has been adopted by many top athletes due to its high efficiency. This high-altitude training is highly effective, but it is not commonly used because it requires overseas expeditions in search of high altitudes and expensive equipment such as masks for indoor training. It was. It is Japan’s first high-altitude training studio (TM) “High Alch” that overturns such common sense and proposes high-altitude training as a simple everyday thing by making the whole space high. To such a high-altitude, Kichijoji Studio, which has Japan’s first high-altitude training for high-age children over 10 years old, will open on Sunday, September 22nd. In Haiti, you could only get over 16 years old. Therefore, in a form that fully considers safety, a program for high-school juniors aged 10 years and older, “High-altitude junior”, will also start in earnest at Kichijoji Studio. [Video 2:]
Media workshop: Friday, September 20, 16: 00-17: 00 @ Kichijoji Studio (up to the first 10 companies) Along with professional soccer player Tomoaki Kanno, we will hold a media experience meeting for high-altitude juniors. If you are interested in media, please contact (Tsuboi) by September 19 (Thu). Flow of the day 15: 50- Acceptance starts 16: 00- Overview of High Altitude Junior 16: 30 ~ Demonstration / program experience by Tomoaki Kanno 17: 00- Q & A (End 17:30) [Kichijoji Studio] Address: Tokyo, Musashino City, Kichijoji Higashimachi 1-17-18, triangular building, B1 floor (JR Line “Kichijoji Station” 5 min walk) Tel: 0422-22-7885 Mail: Business hours: Weekdays: 10: 00-22: 00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10: 00-19: 00 High Alti Official Website: High Alti Junior website: [Image 3

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Sprinter “instantaneous power” and marathon runner “endurance” Instantaneous power and endurance are important basic abilities for any sport. At High Alti, the world’s first and all training was performed in a high altitude environment, so it was realized effectively in a short time. Feature 1: Efficient in 30 minutes High altitude space equivalent to a 2,500m-class mountain makes it possible to achieve high-performance training that cannot be reached on flat ground in a short time of 30 minutes. Feature 2: Visualize changes Regular measurements using state-of-the-art measurement equipment used by professionals and Olympic athletes. Efficiently create the foundation of the body while analyzing individual results. Feature 3: Menu that suits each person Children grow more differently than adults. That is why we plan and control the training content while measuring heart rate and blood oxygen concentration in real time, and we will do the optimal training that suits each person’s purpose. [Image 5

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A program to practice professional soccer player Tomoaki Kanno “I also practiced high-altitude, so my endurance improved and I was able to run to the end during the game. I wanted to do it as a child (laughs) (Tomoaki Kanno) Born on May 11, 1987, from Hiroshima Prefecture. After making use of Sanfrecce Hiroshima, he made his top debut in 2006. In 2011, he moved to Bundesliga’s old Australian “1.FC Cologne”. In 2012, he transferred to Urawa Red Diamonds, and as a mood maker for the team, he is currently working as a defender representing Japan. In the 2018 World Cup Russia tournament, he played for the first time in the third qualifying round against Poland. In addition, he has launched his own hair gel brand “HALTEN” and is doing various activities outside the pitch. [Image 7

program There are two types of courses available: the “elementary school course”, which forms the basis of the child’s body, and the “junior high school student course” for junior athletes who want to take a step forward in club activities. Elementary school course By experiencing the high altitude environment during the junior period starting with Golden Age, we will efficiently build the foundation of the body and greatly enhance the athletic ability. If you make the foundation of your body at this time, it will be useful for any sport in the future. It’s okay if you are not good at exercising. This is an unprecedented training that can produce 2 hours (TM) of training in just 30 minutes. In addition, the risk of growth pain is reduced because the maximum effect can be obtained without imposing a heavy burden on the joints and muscles during the growth period. * What is Golden Age? It is the most suitable age to make the foundation of the body, mainly around 9-12 years old (4th-6th grade elementary school), because it will be a period when the athletic ability will greatly increase as it enters the growth period. Proper training during this period can greatly enhance your physical ability. [Image 8

Junior high school course This is a course for junior athletes who want to go one step further in club activities. High-altitude training, which is practiced by top athletes, aims to improve performance quickly and efficiently. High-altitude training is not limited to track and field, but is suitable for soccer, rugby, swimming, volleyball, basketball, dance and other competitions. Training content varies depending on the competition. High altitude training tailored to the competition characteristics provides efficient training in a short time. [First experience]
◆ Normal: 3,000 yen / time including tax → Half price now 5,000 yen / time 【Rate plan】 Limited to the first 100 people! A campaign with a monthly fee of 2,000 yen off!
◆ Elementary school course (1 week): 10,000 yen / month → 8,000 yen / month
◆ Junior high school course (1 week): 11,000 yen / month → 9,000 yen / month * There is also a “Selection Course” aimed at becoming a top athlete. As top junior athletes, soccer players (belonging to the subordinate organization of J), swimmers (participating in the Metropolitan Tournament), rugby players (participating in the Kanto Tournament), etc. are participating. Please try it. Click here for general experience booking:
■ Many athletes, such as Japanese soccer representatives and marathoners, are using High Altitude. 〇 TBS “Birthday”: Japan National Football Team “Tomoaki Kanno” [Image 9

■ Company Profile of High Altitude Management Co., Ltd. High Altitude Management has made it easier for high altitude training, which previously required expedition overseas or expensive equipment such as masks, to make the entire space a high altitude state. It is provided in a form that is easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. “High altitude training in everyday life” is our mission. TEL : 03-6912-1820 High Alti Official Website:

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