[Albirex Niigata Co., Ltd.] Project for nationwide development of the Olympic and Paralympic movements Albirex Niigata

Albirex Niigata Corporation Olympic / Paralympic Movement nationwide development business Albirex Niigata With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games held, this club is a foreign nationality belonging to the top team in the “Olympic and Paralympic Movement National Development Project” by Niigata City, the home town of this club that promotes Olympic and Paralympic education. We will inform you that the players will cooperate.
■ Visiting date / visiting school / target year September 25 (Wednesday) Niigata City Tsukigata Elementary School 4th grade / 1 foreign player (to be determined on the day) * The visit schedule after October will be announced again.
■ Implementation purpose Participating players will be foreign players. Learn about the wonders of sports, cultures and languages ​​of other countries by interacting with foreign players. We expect children and students to “raise awareness of sports” and “deepen understanding of foreign people and culture”.
■ Implementation ・ Respond to questions from children by giving lectures on how to achieve the dream of a professional soccer player, the feelings of leaving Japan and challenging in Japan. In addition, we will actually engage with children through soccer. – 11 is scheduled to foreign players to visit end of the month to prospect the Niigata city elementary and junior high schools 7 schools (including the present). * General tours are not available.

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