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Pintarest Japan Co., Ltd. Pinterest announces 2019 Halloween Trend Report [Image 1

Halloween is coming in a few weeks. The time has come when you can fully demonstrate your creativity, such as disguise and decoration. The visual discovery engine Pinterest has millions of Halloween-related boards where you can discover, plan and purchase everything about Halloween. Here are the trends from this year’s 2019 Halloween Report. TV shows and movie characters are creating and inspiring Halloween costumes and makeup trends all over the world, but this year’s hot trends are remake works. Classic characters such as Powerpuff Girls, Toy Story, Spider-Man, and Aladdin occupy the top searches. Beyond fancy dress and makeup, Pinterest users have been searching for Halloween-inspired tattoos, games, art, weddings, and more. Fancy dress [Image 2

Costumes influenced by the entertainment world are popular in Japan, America and South Africa. Mermaids are the most popular in South America and Southern Europe. Classics such as pirates and circus are very popular all over the world. Top 10 Search Keywords for Female Costumes Powerpuff girls Pirate Circus Stranger Things alien Mermaid Harley Quinn 80s costume Poison Ivy Alice in Wonderland Top 10 Search Keywords for Male Costumes Super hero Viking Spiderman Joker Jedi animal Circus Pirate Mad Max robot Masquerade alone It was a story about the past that made me feel afraid to go to the party alone. Here are some recommended costumes for costumes that you can do alone. Aliens (Number of searches: + 659%) Gwen Stacy (Search: + 446%) (From the movie “Spider-Man: Spider Bath”) Elton John (Number of searches: + 442%) (From the movie “Rocketman”) Space Cowboy (Search: + 359%) Freddie Mercury (Number of searches: + 145%) (from band “Queen”) Inclusive fancy dress [Image 3

Everyone is looking for the right costume for them. From Minnie Mouse to Earthla, plus-size Halloween costumes for women are gaining popularity, and searches are up 90%. Whether buying or handcrafting, users are searching for costumes that meet a variety of needs (the number of searches for Halloween costumes for wheelchairs increased by 26%). Costumes worn by best friends & couples This year, couples’ costumes are more popular than best friends. The number of searches for “Halloween Costumes for Couples” increased by 367%, while the number of searches for “BFF Halloween Costumes” increased by 250%. Lilo and Stitch (Number of searches: + 1,205%) Timon and Pumbaa (Number of searches: + 154%) Woody and Bo Peep (Number of searches: + 836%) Verma and Daphne (Number of searches: + 274%) “Pulp Fiction” Couple Costume (Number of searches: + 384%) Group costume [Image 4

Group disguise is a fun way to disguise ideas together. This year, TV shows and characters from Pixar and Disney’s latest movies are the most popular in group costumes. Stranger Things (Search: + 653%)-Did you know that the Stranger Things designer found an idea on Pinterest? Among drama characters, Steve Harrington (Search: + 538%) and Demo Gorgon (Search: + 380%) are popular. The number of searches for “Powerpuff Girls,” a fun-filled girl power anime, increased by 379%. This anime will be remade in 2016 and will be broadcast later this year (in the US) in the third season. With the live-action version of this royal road anime screened this year, searches for “Lion King Family Costume” increased by 283%. Search for “Aladdin Family Costume” increased by 176%. Aladdin is a fun and easy-to-use theme that allows each family member to search for a costumed character. The most popular search keyword is “Princess Jasmine Children’s Costume” (Number of searches: + 206%). Toy stories are still very popular, and searches for “Toy Story Family Costumes” have increased by 151%. The most popular characters are Bo Peep (search: + 748%), Slinky Dog (search: + 360%), and Buzz Lightyear (search: + 192%). Makeup Makeup enhances Halloween costumes. Users are looking for ideas and Halloween makeup videos (search: + 1073%) that will make the viewer look amazing. [Image 5

Trend makeup for TV and movie characters Stranger Things Makeup (Number of searches: + 1,569%) Lion King Makeup (Search: + 954%) and Scar Lion King Makeup (Search: + 283%) Powerpuff Girls Makeup (Number of searches: + 317%) Spiderman Makeup (Number of searches: + 280%) Princess Jasmine Makeup (Number of searches: + 106%) Quirky makeup or scary makeup Fashionable crown makeup is now in fashion! Searches for cute crown makeup increased by 370%. Alien Makeup (Number of searches: + 146%) Simple clown makeup (search: + 153%) Porcelain Doll Makeup (Number of searches: + 153%) Halloween party Plastic pumpkins and Halloween candy aren’t bad, but Pinterest gives you a higher level of decoration and Halloween party ideas for every room and scene. [Image 6

Decoration The popular party theme is Stranger Things. Searches for “Stranger Things Halloween Decorations” have increased by 549%. Other popular themes and ideas are Bohemian-style Halloween decorations (searches: + 68%) and garage halloween parties (garage decorations for Halloween) (searches: + 71%). Halloween color does not need to stick to orange and black. Pink Halloween (Search: + 221%) and Pastel Halloween (Search: + 164%) are also trending. Unique decoration ideas include Halloween dwarfs (search: + 385%), cemetery-themed Halloween (search: + 95%), and a warm blanket Halloween blanket (search: + 89%) Also ideas. Food and drink Pinterest searches every day for cooking ideas. Here are some food ideas that add a Halloween taste that is popular this year. Popular Halloween recipes Halloween cupcake ideas (search: + 452%) Halloween Cookie Sugar Decoration (Search: + 106%) Halloween style pie (Number of searches: + 56%) Jack-o-lantern appetizers and dips White chocolate skull and brain miso (Number of conserved items: 15,000) Dark chocolate halloween cookies (stored: 7,000) Wrinkle potato head (Number stored: 5,000) Poisonous apples (Number stored: 2,000) Witch soup (Number stored: 2,000) Mummy’s Pizza Pie (Number stored: 4,000) Lava bread (Number stored: 3,000) Skull Burrito (Number saved: 3,000) Cockroach donuts (Number stored: 4,000) Other Halloween related searches On Pinterest, which stimulates creativity, keywords beyond imagination are ranked high in search. In addition to costumes, makeup and decoration, more and more users are searching for Halloween themed wedding and tattoo ideas to make the special scene more exciting. wedding Halloween-themed weddings (Number of searches: + 195%) Halloween-style wedding dresses (Number of searches: + 217%) and Witch-style wedding dresses (Number of searches: + 58%) Purple wedding halloween ideas (searches: + 89%) Tattoo Horror Halloween Tattoo (Number of searches: + 88%) Haunted Tattoo (Search: + 1,008%) Evil Skull Tattoo (Search: + 447%) Halloween pumpkin tattoo (Search: + 147%) Gothic Bat Tattoo (Number of searches: + 76%) Note: Growth rate is calculated using standardized search from July 2018 to July 2019
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