[Suntory Holdings, Inc.] Supporting Japan’s representatives of the 11th eSports World Championship “DOTA2” “Tekken 7” “eFootball Winning Eleven 2020”

Suntory Holdings Limited Supporting Japan’s representative players of the 11th eSports World Championship “DOTA2” “Tekken 7” “eFootball Winning Eleven 2020” ― “Esports Support Declaration” will be formulated to further support eSports. — Suntory Holdings Co., Ltd. is the “support program” for the representative players of Japan in the “DOTA2”, “Tekken7” and “eFootball Winning Eleven 2020” of the 11th eSports World Championship (* 1) to be held in December. Decided to provide one year of soft drinks. The representative players will be selected by the Japan eSports Union (JeSU) at the Tokyo National Game Show 2019 (September 12 (Thursday) to 15 (Sunday), Makuhari Messe). [Image 1

In addition, we have formulated the “e Sports Support Declaration” this time. Last year, we signed an official sponsor agreement with JeSU and supported eSports through sponsorship agreements with eSports competitions and teams. Going forward, we will continue to provide support programs for esports Japanese national athletes selected by JeSU, and accelerate support activities for esports Japanese national athletes, teams, tournaments, and organizations that compete globally. * 1 International eSports competition organized by the International eSports Federation (IESF) from December 11 (Wednesday) to 15 (Sunday) in Seoul, Korea.
▼ About the “Sports Program” Target audience: 7 players from the 11th eSports World Championship Japan “DOTA2” 5 people, “Tekken 7” 1 person, “EFootball Winning Eleven 2020” 1 person Applicable period: One year from the month elected Japan representative Offer contents: Soft drink ※ 21 years * 2 Equivalent to 16 cases centering on “Suntory Minami Alps natural water”
▼ About e-sports support declaration [Image 2

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