[Otsu City Tourism Promotion Section] A brain sport originated in Japan. 2nd Otsumitsu Le-kun Cup Karuta World Tournament participation area decision! !

Otsu City Tourism Promotion Section A brain sport originated in Japan, Hundreds of Ogura who spread across the world beyond language barriers! 2nd Otsumitsu Le-kun Cup Karuta World Tournament participation area decision! ! Will the 1st winning team France become a revenge in Thailand and Japan? ? Also, is the Indonesian team that will participate in the tournament for the first time in Japan a dark horse? Working on tourism promotion with “Karuta” as a hook Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture will hold the “Second Otsumitsu Lu-kun Cup Karuta World Tournament” on Sunday, November 10th. The winning team and runner-up team of “Otsumitsu Lu-kun Junior Cup Competition Karuta Team Match” held on Sunday, September 1 will be participating in Japan as a representative of Japan. Team participation has been decided.
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Omi Shrine
■ The 2nd Otsumitsu Le-kun Cup Competition Karuta World Tournament Outline
■ (1) Opening date November 10th (Sunday) 9: 15-19: 00 (2) Meeting place Omi Jingu Omi Kangakukan (1-1, Jingucho, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture) (3) Competition method 1. Use all Japan Karuta Association approved tags 2. Apply the Association’s competition rules (official rules). Team battle with 3.3 teams, 10 teams (4) Hosted by Otsu City (5) Schedule 10: 00-14: 40 Preliminary league (3 games) 15: 40-18: 35 ranking decision battle (2nd round) 18: 45-19: 00 awards ceremony / closing ceremony * On November 8 (Friday) and 9 (Saturday), a training camp will be held to improve the level of participants. [Image 2

The first Otsumitsu Lu-kun Cup Competition Karuta World Tournament On the day of the tournament, 3 matches will be played for each team in the qualifying league, and the results will be determined based on the results. The French team that won last year will participate again this year aiming for the championship. The 3rd-placed Thai team that won the French team in the qualifying league will participate in revenge. The Indonesian team, which is the first time for all the members to participate in the tournament held in Japan, as well as the championship of the strong team, is unknown, but how far can you do well in this tournament? Can you become an exciting event? Also attention. [Image 3

1st Otsumitsu Lu-kun Cup Karuta World Tournament (France), Runner-up (Japan) team In the training camp before the tournament, special instruction by Keiji Kishida will be scheduled, and each team will level up until just before the tournament. Brain sports that require all of instantaneous power, concentration, memorization, and physical strength. Which team will hold the winning trophy with a smile? Expectation will rise in this year’s hot battle. ————————————————– –
■ Participating areas and players (10 teams) Team name: PICA / China Members: Lee Zhongyi (F), Liu Zhongda (M) Song Shu Yang (F) Since its establishment in 2005 as Beijing Pengqiao Karuta Association (PICA), we have been practicing every day, including practice sessions at the members’ homes. Lee said, “I learned the true Waka through the competition karuta and tasted the spiritual world hidden in Japanese literature.” Through the competition karuta, Lee has shown interest in Japanese culture. Team name: Karuta France Members: Amandine Chamballon-Mayard (F) Camille Para (F), Easy Mayar (M) In France, where interest in Japanese culture is high, the popularity of anime is high, and it is said that many karuta athletes have started under the influence of “Chihayafuru”. The European karuta society is a historical French karuta society. The results of these daily activities, which encouraged practice every weekend and neglected to practice independently, led to last year’s victory. This year, we will do our best to win the championship. [Image 4

Team name: OKAKURA (short for Ogura Karuta Club) / Indonesia Members: Ali Haydar (M), Amril Malfu (M), Muhammad Irshad Purmana (M), Muhammad Aegi Wardana (M), Hahns Advent Marley Tambor (M) The team’s activities have been short for about a year since 2018, but we are practicing to improve with our 15+ colleagues. When I entered the tournament, “I don’t know yet how strong our strength is or how strong the world is. This world tour is a challenge to myself and a great opportunity to know the world and I am excited. I will do my best to become number one! ” [Image 5

Team name: Korea Karuta Association Members: Kim Min Kyung (F), Son Hyelin (F), Yong Jae Yoon (M) The Korea Karuta Club started in 2011 from the University Karuta Club. 15 people, including students and working adults, are doing their best in practice sessions and matches. Kim, who started playing karuta after studying Japanese culture during her junior high school days, was interested in one hundred people and Son, who went on to study Japanese language at the university. I want to let you know. Team name: Krungthep Karuta Association / Thailand Members: Dahn Tar Won Jarlone Mimy (F), Sashan Attout (M) Chunwichit Summerpon (M) Although he won France in the qualifying league last year, he was defeated by Japan in the final tournament of the top four teams, and was third only after France and Japan. Many people participate in regular tournaments in Thailand. Mr. Mimi, who did not speak Japanese and could not read hiragana when he started karuta, has now grown into a player who represents Thailand. Can you report victory to Thai Karuta fans with a smile this year? Team name: Karu Taiwan / Chinese Taipei Members: Zhou Wen (F), Guo Jaw (F) Chen Ewen (F), Duang Yuen (F) Chen Jihao (M) A new team composed mainly of members of two university circles. All members have a karuta history of about one and a half to two years, but they enjoy the karuta from the bottom of their heart, saying, “It ’s fun to win or lose,” or “I ’m happy when I can remove the bill.” It is a team that feels freshness and freshness from the words, “As one of the first participating teams, I will do my best so that the results of daily practice can be fully demonstrated!” Team name: European team (tentative name) Members: Sonia Anzorge (F), Stefanie Kotuenu (F), Du Yuen Yi (M) A special team formed by 3 people from the UK and Germany who are invited to participate in the tournament. Three people who are practicing in different places on a daily basis will be united through the karuta and will join forces to challenge the competition. Team name: Special Japanese team residing overseas (tentative name) Members: Arata Akahichi (F), Tomomi Kumagai (F), Ryoko Mizuyama (F) * A special team of Japanese players who have learned (started) karuta overseas. Team name: Nanzan Women (Aichi Karuta Association) / Japan * “The 2nd Otsumitsu-kun Junior Cup Competition Karuta Team Battle” held on September 1st, 3 Team Battle A winner team Team name: Snake turtle (Kyoto Kokura Karatakai) / Japan * “Second Otsumitsu-kun Junior Cup Competition Karuta Team Battle” held on September 1st, 3 Team Tournament A Runner-up Team
■ Other The 3rd Otsumitsu Lu-kun Cup, scheduled to be held in May 2000, is the top team of the 8th Otsumitsu Lu-kun Cup Team Match A held on the same day as the World Tournament. We are considering making a recommendation team from Japan to participate in the competition Karuta World Tournament. * (The budget for the 3rd Otsumitsu Lu-kun Cup Karuta World Tournament has been raised to the Congress in September of Heisei Era, and the holding is under consideration)

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