E-sports that attract attention. Who is the cognitive person? Is esports a sport? Survey of 1,200 men and women nationwide

Cross Marketing Inc. E-sports that attract attention. Who is the cognitive person? Is esports a sport? Survey of 1,200 men and women nationwide Survey on e-sports (2019 edition) Cross Marketing Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Miki Igarashi) conducts “Sports on e-sports (2019 edition)” for men and women aged 15 to 69 living in 47 prefectures nationwide. It was conducted.
◆ Click here to download a detailed report of the survey results ⇒ www.cross-m.co.jp/cromegane/es20190912/ [Image 1

■ Survey results
● If you answered what you think is “sports as a sport” from a variety of exercises and recreations, online games were 8.2% amidst soccer, baseball, and swimming. There was a tendency that there were many people who did not think that it was a sport.

[Image 2

Figure 1_What you think is a sport
● In terms of whether e-sports are a sport, the total of “I think so” and “I think so” was 19.6%, and the majority of those who did not think that e-sports were a sport accounted for the majority. By age group, the percentage of young people who think “sports” is higher than that of seniors, but the percentage of “does not think it is sports” still did not exceed.

[Image 3

Figure 2_Do you think e-sports are sports?
● In terms of awareness of e-sports, 19.7% of people do not know e-sports, saying that they have never seen or heard e-sports. As for the future penetration and spread of e-sports, “I think it will spread and spread” was 48.0%, and “I do not think it will spread and spread” was 52.0%, about half of the results. Trends may change depending on the environment surrounding the game, the market, and changes in people’s consciousness. [Image 4

Fig. 3-1_e sports awareness [Image 5

Figure 3-2_ Future penetration and spread

e sports column “The reason why the e-sports players and the governing body talk about rapidly gaining attention” We talked about the environment and consciousness surrounding e-sports from both the players and the governing body. ▽ Interview with Pro Gamer Mr. Itabashi Zangief https://www.cross-m.co.jp/column/Future_Marketing/future013/ ▽ Interview with Mr. Koichi Hamamura, Vice Chairman of Japan eSports Association https://www.cross-m.co.jp/column/Future_Marketing/future014/
■ All survey items □ Attribute questions (gender / age / marital status / presence / children / cohabitation / occupation / work style / residence / household annual income) □ Regular exercise / sport frequency □ Number of years of exercise in school days □ Hobby □ How to play games / most frequently □ Regular game play frequency □ Participation experience in competitive game competition □ What you think is a sport □ Recognition of e-sports □ Image and impression of e-sports □ Intention to participate in esports competitions □ Experience to watch esports tournament / Willingness to watch □ Do you think e-sports are “sports”? □ Pros and cons of e-sports Olympics consideration □ Future penetration / spreading of e-sports / reasons
◆ Click here for DL ​​of all survey items ⇒ https://www.cross-m.co.jp/cromegane/es20190912/
■ Survey Overview Survey method: Internet research Survey area: 47 prefectures nationwide Survey target: Men and women aged 15-69 Survey period: June 11 (Tue)-June 12 (Wed), 2019 Valid responses: 1,200 samples * Survey results may not be 100% due to rounding.
■ Company Profile Company name: Cross Marketing Co., Ltd. http://www.cross-m.co.jp/ Location: Tokyo Opera City Tower 24F, 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: April 1, 2003 Representative: Miki Igarashi, President and CEO Business description: Marketing research business

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