[LINE Co., Ltd.] LINE NEWS, set to provide start Fuji TV and tag the video cooperation “Replay Cast” of the broadcasting stations, September 14 (Sat) real-time delivery of the attractions of the “World Cup Valley” of opening

LINE Corporation LINE NEWS launches “Replay Cast” video collaboration with broadcasting stations In partnership with Fuji TV, the real-time distribution of the highlights of “World Cup Valley” opening on Saturday, September 14 Videos of all 22 games in Japan will be posted on LINE NEWS and distributed via LINE. In November, “Table Tennis World Cup Team Battle” will also be distributed in collaboration with TV TOKYO. LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsuyoshi Dezawa) has started providing “Replay Cast”, a video link function with broadcasting stations, in the news service “LINE NEWS” operated by the Company. I will inform you. LINE NEWS, which pursues new forms of news in the smartphone era, has 68 million monthly users as of the end of July 2019, and the number of monthly PVs exceeded 12 billion as of the end of July 2019. The In addition, with over 800 partner media, the company continues to grow as the largest content platform in Japan that personalizes and distributes more than 7,000 content to 68 million users a day.
■ “Replay Cast”, a video link function with broadcast stations, will be offered on Saturday, September 14 LINE NEWS has begun offering “Replay Cast,” a video link function with broadcasting stations, announced at LINE CONFERENCE 2019 in June 2019. The “Replay Cast” is a program that broadcasts simultaneously on the Internet, and the “Highlights” such as replay videos of the program are posted in the “Live Articles” in LINE NEWS, and also in real time through the “LINE Official Account” This is a mechanism that informs users of the “highlights” of the program by pushing to LINE. The user can follow the continuation from the “Highlight” notification delivered by the push, and can watch the “LIVE video” of the same program on the Internet at the broadcast destination. [Image 1

“Replay Cast” delivery image
■ Collaboration with Fuji TV “World Cup Valley”! Also in TV Tokyo “Table Tennis World Cup Team Battle” in November From September 14 (Sat) to October 15 (Tue), “Replay Cast” will be distributed in the “FIVB World Cup Volleyball 2019” broadcast on the Fuji TV series (excluding some areas). In cooperation with Fuji Television, in addition to the nice play video selected in the “Fantastic Voting” during the game and the “Digest” of the game, “Trace Vision” and “Motion Counter” Will be posted on the special live page in “LINE NEWS”. Users will be sent to live articles in “LINE NEWS” by performing push distribution via LINE to the users when those videos are posted. As a result, users can watch the “Highlights” of the game in near real time, and if they want to watch the game, it will be distributed on “FOD”, a video distribution platform on Fuji TV. Transition to LIVE video is possible. [Image 2

Replay Cast push distributions can be received by adding a friend to the LINE official account (@ oa-linenews-notice) of “LINE NEWS update notification”. In November 2019, in collaboration with TV TOKYO, “Replay Cast” will be distributed in the “Table Tennis World Cup Team Match” of Table Tennis, and similar attempts will be made in other sports competitions in the future. We will continue to. LINE NEWS will continue to seek new forms of content provision by providing various functions and collaborating with partners. One of the world’s three major tournaments, organized by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), along with the Olympic and World Championships, is held once every four years. The world’s top teams, including Japan, the host country, and the winners of the 2018 World Championships, will be gathered, and 12 teams of men and women will all compete for ranking. Details here: https://www.fujitv.co.jp/wcv2019/ A biannual tournament that determines the best group in the world in the odd years (the last time it was originally held in autumn in 2017 and held in London in February 2018). Twelve teams of both men and women will participate, and a brute force group league will be divided into 3 teams x 4 groups, and the top 2 teams in each group will advance to the final tournament. The game is the same as the Tokyo Olympics, the first game is doubles. After the 2nd game, played up to 4 singles and won 3 games first. Each game will be played in 5 game matches (3 games ahead) of 11 points. Schedule: November 6 (Wed)-10 (Sun) / Tokyo Gymnasium

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