[Chiba Prefecture Horse Racing Association] Funabashi Keiba September 23 (Holiday) “The 66th Nippon Television (JpnII)”

Chiba Horse Racing Association Funabashi Keiba September 66 (Holiday) “66th Nippon Television (JpnII)” In commemoration of the race, visitors will receive gifts and numerous events! Live broadcast live nationwide on NIKKEI Radio! Held in the daytime for the first time in 5 years, free admission on the day! ! At Funabashi Keiba, the 7th heavy prize race “66th Nippon Television (JpnII)” will be held on September 23 (holiday) on the Equinox Day. Admission is free on the day. NTV is a race that has become established every year as a race started by leading horses aiming for the Tokyo Grand Prix and is positioned as a JBC Classic Step-to-Face (Road to JBC). This race will be held in the daytime for the first time in five years, and radio NIKKEI will broadcast live in the whole country, as well as expected talks by various guests including former JRA jockeys Tetsuzo Sato and Junko Hosoe, A lottery event, “NTV original cap” will be given to 1,000 visitors, pony riding for children, a jockey VR experience and a handshake event for popular characters and a photo session. In addition to holding a delicious gourmet event “ Ciba Meat Festival in Funabashi ” that uses “ safe and secure meat ” produced locally in Chiba Prefecture, the barbecue is empty-handed while watching the popular horse race. You can also enjoy “Heartbeat BBQ” every day. Various events will be held for visitors to enjoy all day.
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[The 66th Nippon Television (JpnII)] Time: 11th R (scheduled to start at 16:05) Distance: Dirt counterclockwise 1800m Conditions: Thoroughbred 3 years old and over, 1st prize amount of 32 million yen [Image 2

Heartbeat stage visited by Tetsuzo Sato and Junko Hosoe! NTV 盃 thorough forecast Time: After confirming 7th R, after confirming 8th R, after confirming 9th R Place: Stage car (in front of the museum) Contents: Tetsuzo Sato, Junko Hosoe (former JRA rider), Yoji Kajiyama, Masanori Morinaga (Daughter “Pop Musume” who will be pointed) will predict “Nippon TV”. Remarks: After the 6th R is confirmed, it will be held at the special seat. Visitor present “Nippon TV 盃 original cap” Time: Scratch card distribution: Opening ~ * Ends as soon as it is lost Original cap exchange: After the 4th R is confirmed-Until closing Location: In front of the museum Contents: Scratch cards will be distributed to the first 3,000 people, and “NTV original caps (two types of black and black)” will be presented to 1,000 people who have won. * Colors cannot be selected “Nippon TV” large lottery Time: After the 6th R is confirmed Location: 1st floor polling place near Atalina How to participate: Present at least 2,000 yen worth of undecided winning horse voting tickets for Funabashi Keiba purchased on the day. Prizes: We have a lot of wonderful prizes such as famous theme park pair tickets, popular games and home appliances, Funabashi specialties, Funabashi Keiba original goods and NTV original goods. [Image 3

66th NTV Award (JpnII) Award Ceremony Time: After confirming the 11th R Location: Winners Circle Presenter: Junko Hosoe Radio NIKKEI “Nippon TV Live Broadcast” Broadcasting station: Radio NIKKEI 1 Time: From 15:00 to 16:30 Please listen to radio NIKKEI No. 1 from your PC, smartphone, etc. Progress / actual: Ryota Nakano, Kei Ozeki, Nao Yamamoto, Shogo Kotashiki (radio NIKKEI announcer) Commentary: Koji Sase (daily horse racing, Funabashi Trackman), Takashi Annaka (horse racing book, Chuo Trackman) Guest: Wataru Kudo (THE NUGGETS) Broadcast contents: The 66th Nippon Television (JpnII), the oldest dirt grade race in Funabashi Keiba, will be broadcast live in Japan. Funabashi Keiba welcomes Wataru Kudo of “THE NUGGETS”, who sings “Heartbeat Nighter”, which has been used since 2018, and will send it to you with lively content unique to live broadcasts. “THE NUGGETS” Special Show Time: After final R is confirmed Location: 1st floor polling station Contents: Special show of entertainment type party band “THE NUGGETS” from local Funabashi. Let’s conclude the end of the day of NTV with their hot stage. [Image 4

[History of Nippon Television] In 1953, Nippon Television Network (NTV) was established as NTV IV, an abbreviation of the alphabet, in 1953 to commemorate the first Japanese commercial broadcast station from Funabashi Racetrack. . In 1998, designated as a dirt grade race (unified GIII), it was designated as an interchange race in South Kanto Grade GII, and the race distance was changed from 2000 meters to 1800 meters. In 1999, the name was changed to the current Nippon TV Pass. it was done. Since 2002, it has been positioned as a JBC Classic Step Race (Road to JBC) and upgraded to a unified GII race. The leading horses in the central and local regions often choose to run in this race for the first season of the fall, and the winning horse will be given priority to run to the JBC Classic. Past winners include Abkuma Polo, Agnes Digital, Makiba Sniper, Star Kingman, Bonneville Records, Frioso, Smart Falcon GI horses who played the core of the Dirt Grade Race Front have their names lined up. access By train: 5 minutes on foot from Keisei Line “Funabashi Racecourse Station” 10 minutes on foot from JR Keiyo Line “Minamifunabashi Station” By car: From Chiba / Tokyo direction, 5 minutes by car from Keiyo road Hanawa interchange exit, From Tokyo direction, 18 minutes by car from Yatsu Funabashi interchange exit, Higashi Kanto Expressway Parking lot: 640 parking lots * There is a limited number of parking spaces, so please use public transportation when you visit. * Parking fee on the day will be 1,000 yen (normally 500 yen on the date)

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