[NPO Child Fund Japan] Achieved a total of 2 million pounds of donations and updated records of all generations!

NPO Child Fund Japan Achieved a total donation of 2 million British pounds. Certified charity partner “Child Fund Pass It Back” to support more than 25,000 children in difficult Asian environments ・ With donations, more than 25,000 Asian children in harsh environments will have the opportunity to change their lives through rugby. ・ The total amount of donations from ticket purchasers increased more than 50% from the previous 2015 World Cup ・ Child funds: Pass-it-back participants, coaches and other half are women ・ The donation will be used in the future as emergency support for disaster-affected areas in Japan ・ Rated by rugby fans around the world [Image

It’s only a short time before the opening of the Rugby World Cup, one of the world’s three major sports events. World Rugby and an authorized charity partner, Child Fund, have contributed to the “Child Fund Pass It Back” program, which has updated the Rugby World Cup tournament record to £ 2 million (approximately 266 million) It is almost certain that this will be achieved by 10,000 yen *), so we will announce it here. Donations collected at the time of purchase for watching tickets increased 50% from the previous 2015 Rugby World Cup, highlighting the high level of interest in international cooperation through rugby. In this tournament, it can be said that the unity of rugby fans has become stronger. The total amount includes personal donations from the official online shop, Worldwight Partner, as well as the official website of Child Fund Pass It Back. World Rugby CEO Brett Gospar said, “Child Fund and World Rugby believe in the power of sports that will change the lives of children. The result is that the world’s rugby families share the same value with us. about it. The spirit of extraordinary unity and compassion means that the level of interest in charity is higher than any other rugby world cup in the past. The most important thing is that the Rugby World Cup 2019 can leave a lasting legacy for the most vulnerable children in Asia’s development. ” This donation creates an opportunity for more than 25,000 children and youth to participate in the award-winning “Child Fund Pass It Back” program. The child fund works with World Rugby and Asia Rugby to only promote the right to play (play) for children in areas far from group sports in the “Child Fund Pass It Back” program Rather, we will create a wide range of important learning across leadership, problem solving, gender equality, conflict resolution and future design. More than half of the participating players and coaches are women. Child Fund Australia CEO Nigel Spence said, “I was overwhelmed by this wonderful result from rugby families all over the world. I learned that people all over the world believed this in the same way as us, and it was a great strength. Thanks to the support, we can further expand to support areas and support girls and children in developing places that have not had the opportunity to participate in group sports, and young people living in harsh places. In the future, donations will also be used for emergency support activities in disaster-affected areas in Japan. ” Ross Mitchell, Asia Rugby General Manager, “By partnering with an organization like Child Fund, Rugby has helped young people learn lifelong skills and knowledge. Developing rugby in the region Not only can we form a strong community, but the Child Fund Pass It Back program can embody the essence and value of our game (Rugby). ” Click here to purchase Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets www.rugbyworldcup.com/tickets. Click here for more information on Child Fund Pass It Back Program www.childfundpassitback.org Media contact: Phil Wilkinson World Rugby Tel: +353872878732 E: Philip.wilkinson@worldrugby.org Yukari Tanaka Child Fund Tel: 03-3399-8123 E: y.tanaka@childfund.or.jp Click here for images and images related to Child Fund Pass It Back https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hqxhyv8ihwrr7hu/AACG5RC6zdUu5NFnHFcjx1-ya?dl=0 [What is World Rugby] The international headquarters of Rugby Union. Contribute to the sustainable development of rugby based on the five values ​​of rugby (“unity”, “respect”, “quality”, “passion”, “discipline”). [What is a child fund] An international network of 11 organizations working to support children. Support more than 14 million children and families in more than 60 countries. Support activities centered on education, health, and child protection. Projects focused on strengthening the resilience of young people and children, such as the “Sports and Development” program, including “Child Fund Pass It Back”. [What is Child Fund Japan] An international NGO that has been working since 1975 to promote healthy growth of children living in poverty, mainly in Asia, and independence of their families and communities. Currently, in the Philippines, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, it also conducts educational activities in Japan, focusing on regional development support and emergency support. [What is Child Fund Pass-It-Back] “Sports and development” program that aims to solve social issues through sports. Working with World Rugby and Asian Rugby, led by the child fund. A curriculum combining tag rugby and life skills learning for young Asians and children living in harsh environments such as poverty. Emphasis is placed on gender equality, and more than half of the young people and children who participate are achieving high participation rates for women and women. Rugby World Cup 2019 “Legacy Program” has also been selected. Tag rugby is a competition for young people and beginners based on rugby, and is said to be safer and easier to play than rugby without tackle. * 1GBP = 133.14 yen as of September 11, 2019 Child Fund Pass It Back won the 2017 UNICEF Safeguarding Award for the prestigious “Beyond Sports Global Award”.

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