[Ponos Co., Ltd.] Ponos affiliated “Clarova” professional gamer “Mikanboya” will appear in “Tokyo Game Show 2019”!

Ponos Corporation Ponos-affiliated “Clarova” professional gamer “Mikanbouya” will appear in “Tokyo Game Show 2019”! Ponos Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kyoto, Kyoto, Representative Director: Yuzuko Yuzu, hereinafter referred to as “Ponos”) has decided that its own professional gamer player “Mikanboya” will enter the “Tokyo Game Show 2019” I will inform you of this. [Image 1

Ponos’s “Crash Royale” (hereinafter “Clarova”) professional gamer team “PONOS” will join the “Tokyo Game Show 2019”, one of the largest game festivals held in Japan on Thursday, September 12 It was decided that “Mikanboya” will be on stage. The stage will be at the Google Play booth at “Tokyo Game Show 2019” on Sunday, September 15th. On stage, “Clarova” will have a 2 vs 2 live battle. When you stop by, please enjoy the exciting battle. The competition will be held at the following details. The date and time: Sunday, September 15 from 12:30 to 13:30 Location: Google Play booth Check here for more information about Google Play Rally https://g.co/tgs
● About Ponos [Image 2

Since its establishment in 1990, Ponos has consistently contributed to the development of the culture of entertainment through games. [Creating things beyond what we are looking for] ], And we value the value that can only be created by ourselves in what we need. Currently, the business is developed with original game development for smart devices as the core, and the representative title “Nyanko Great War” has exceeded 46 million DL (as of August 2019) and enjoyed by many customers. I have you.

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