[NTT DOCOMO, INC.] <> “Tokyo Game Show 2019 Docomo Booth Opening Event” was held to commemorate the large-scale booth exhibition

NTT DoCoMo, Inc. 《Event Report》 Held “Tokyo Game Show 2019 Docomo Booth Opening Event” to commemorate the large-scale booth exhibition at “Tokyo Game Show 2019” Game enthusiast “Natsuna” experienced watching AR games in a 5G environment! “It is the first time that the battle is being held in front of you” NTT DOCOMO, Inc. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter DOCOMO) is the largest game event in Japan that will be held at Makuhari Messe from September 12 (Thursday) to September 15 (Sunday), 2019. We will have a booth at “Tokyo Game Show 2019”. In addition, the “Tokyo Game Show 2019 Docomo Booth Opening Event” was held on Thursday, September 12, 2019, the first business day of “Tokyo Game Show 2019”.
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Hiroyuki Yoshida, the manager of docomo, said about the future and evolution that 5G will bring to game culture “ I think that e-sports will dramatically change the player’s battle environment and viewing environment, and the feature of high speed and large capacity that is a feature of 5G I think that cloud games like never before have become popular by taking advantage of the ” Natsuna, a game enthusiast, appears on the day of the guest. I was surprised at the venue by showing episodes of 20 hours of online games played in the past. In addition, Natsuna-san watched the video of the battle, which is an AR video of the pre-recorded battle between Umehara, who is famous as the world’s top player in “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition”.
▼ Natsuna-san, “I have played games for 20 hours a day” and show off episodes that like games Natsuna, who has always loved games, said, “In fact, this is my third time to come to the Tokyo Game Show, but I’m really looking forward to it every year. This docomo booth is more realistic and powerful than I imagined. I ’m thrilled, ”he said with a smile. When I heard an episode about the game, “I’ve loved games since I was a kid, but when I had a little time, I got stuck in a game that opened so much that I could sleep and eat for a while in front of my computer. “When I had a lot of games, I played games for 20 hours a day!”
▼ Natsuna’s impression of watching AR Mr. Natsuna, who watched the AR match that was projected on the 5G line, said, “You can see it at any angle and distance, so it feels like it’s really unfolding in front of you. I was surprised that the movement of the video was very smooth. ” Finally, he commented, “I tried it for the first time, but this greatness will not be transmitted unless you try it, so I hope everyone will come and experience it!”. [Image 3

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PR event overview [Date and time] September 12, 2019 (Thursday) 11: 00-11: 50 (News reception start 10:30) [Venue] Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall HALL6 docomo booth [Poster] Natsuna-san [Contents] Overview / Talk session / Photo session / Box coverage Tokyo Game Show 2019 docomo booth overview [Exhibition period] Business Day: September 12 (Thursday) and 13 (Friday), 2019, 10:00 am-5:00 pm General release date: Saturday, September 14, 2019, Sunday, 15th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm [Venue] Makuhari Messe (Mihama-ku, Chiba) Hall 6 【Entry fee】 Free entrance fee for Tokyo Game Show [Exhibition Outline] The booth will be divided into 5G GAMING STAGE and 5G LAN PARTY where you can experience community events. In 5G GAMING STAGE, in addition to holding competitions where visitors can enjoy popular games in a competitive format, we will also hold a game watching event where you can see the techniques of top-class professional gamers up close. 5G LAN PARTY provides a gaming environment with high-spec PCs in cooperation with Intel Corporation. In addition to playing, we will develop a booth that can be enjoyed by many customers such as live broadcasting and live distribution.

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