[Dynam Co., Ltd.] Former squad queen of China Squash, Chinatsu Matsui, returning to competition after childbirth and childcare

Dynam Co., Ltd. Squash former all-Japan queen Chinatsu Matsui returns to competition after childbirth and childcare -The first round of return will be decided at “Dynam CUP SQ-CUBE OPEN 2019 in Shin-Yokohama” …………………………………………………………………………………………… Dynam Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Nishinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, representative director: Tatsuji Fujimoto), which operates pachinko halls in 46 prefectures nationwide, has been suspending athlete activities for childbirth and childcare since August 2018. Queen Chinatsu Matsui (belonging to SQ-CUBE PRO) at “Dynam CUP SQ-CUBE OPEN 2019 in Shin-Yokohama” to be held in Yokohama, Kanagawa, from September 21 (Sat) to 23 (Mon / holiday) Will inform you that you will return to the competition. Matsui Chika gave birth to the first child (boy) in April 2019. I have been practicing both childcare and competition for my return. Participation in the “ Dynam CUP SQ-CUBE OPEN 2019 in Shin-Yokohama ”, our company’s crown tournament, has been decided as the first game return to the official game, and this year’s competition with Risa Sugimoto who is active as an employee of our company has attracted attention It is. Please look forward to the “Dynam CUP SQ-CUBE OPEN 2019 in Shin-Yokohama” where the top of the old and new Japan rankings will participate. With the goal of developing sports that give dreams and excitement to the world, we started the crown sponsorship of Dynam CUP as an official partner of the Japan Squash Association from December 1, 2014. From July of the following year, Chinatsu Matsui We have signed a sponsor agreement with athletes to support athlete activities. Dynam will continue to support the development of sports that give dreams and excitement to the world. [Image 1

DYNAM CUP SQ-CUBE OPEN 2017 in Shin-Yokohama Matsui Chinatsu (left), Sugimoto Risa (right) Comment from Chinatsu Matsui Last summer, I was given the first child and gave birth to a baby boy this spring. Thanks to you, both mother and child have been doing well until today. I’m sorry to all of you who have always supported me over the past year, but I’m thankful that you always watched me warmly. My physical condition has improved and I can resume squash. From now on, I would like to work happily to spread the squash while feeling the joy of standing on the court. Profile of Chinatsu Matsui [Image 2

Name: Chinatsu Matsui Date of birth: August 8, 1977 Hometown: Kanagawa Squash history: 18 years old and up Affiliation: SQ-CUBE PRO Main results: All-Japan squash championship four times in total Official blog: https://ameblo.jp/matsuichinatsu/ Profile of Risa Sugimoto [Image 3

Name: Risa Sugimoto Date of birth: August 1, 1994 Hometown: Shiga Squash history: 6 years old ~ Affiliation: Dynam Main results: Women’s Japan ranking 1st Official blog: https://ameblo.jp/sugimoto-risa/ comment: Since April 2019, we have been trying to balance Dynam employees with squash players. Matsui is one of his most admired and respected players. As well as playing, I learned a lot about Matsui’s attitude toward squash. Although I am in a different position, it was a great encouragement for both working people and squash players. I would like to liven up the squash world with Mr. Chinatsu who faces squash while raising children. Dynam Co., Ltd. Reform pachinko to become “everyday entertainment that everyone can enjoy casually”, and we are developing chain-type pachinko halls throughout Japan with the aim of becoming a “pachinko that lives with the city.” As of September 2019, we have 405 stores in 46 prefectures nationwide, and we are promoting store development centered on low-ball rental business such as 1-yen pachinko.

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