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Barry Announces Spring / Summer 2020 Collection in Milan

Barry Japan Co., Ltd. Barry Announces Spring / Summer 2020 Collection in Milan ……………………………………………………………………………………………
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BALLY AT HOME The 2020 Barry Spring / Summer collection represents a modern concept house that is a dynamic and dynamic Massane Seine that brings together architecture, art and nature. “Bally at Home” is a place full of memories, where everything begins, and where hope grows forever. The fusion of design and nature has always been an important pillar of Bally’s foundation, and this vivid depiction makes the title of the collection “Graphic by Nature” more lively. Inspired by nature, the colors are reminiscent of the sunrise and sunset seen from the top of the mountain. This collection, which uses pop art and archive graphics, expresses a new interpretation while respecting the traditional tradition. Barry’s tradition as a leather architect lives in the details of accessories, ready-to-wear, as well as exclusive shoes. We believe it is important to protect the quality and simplicity of the past, to achieve ease of use and elegance, and to pursue eternity, not transient.

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BALLY WOMAN She has the idea that less is richer and has the power to see the whole, not just small things and things in front of her. She runs through the field of wild flowers, barefoot or with high heel shoes, and is always stylish. BALLY WOMAN is a woman with a broad perspective, conscious, smart, and confident. FOOTWEAR The new CALLIE heel is a tribute to the modern mid-century design and the toes are characterized by an asymmetric line. ALEXA boots are updated with suede contrast leather. The B-chain pattern, inspired by the archive, vividly colors JANELLE and HEIMBERG sneakers. BAGS CELESTINE is a new style bag that uses the same keyhole closure as CECYLE. Comes with a top handle, removable strap, and silk B chain pattern scarf in two sizes. BALLY SOMMET uses embossed crocodile leather, making it an easy-to-use item for work. READY-TO-WEAR Ready-to-wear aimed for a more universal and classic tailoring. Silks printed with Bally Wing micropatterns and innovative and modern items are designed to be enjoyed at any time, regardless of specific times or trends. In addition to the classic wardrobe piece, the high-quality print technology applied to high-quality fabrics and innovative processing such as manual finishing and intarsia are proposed.
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BALLY MAN He doesn’t like to stand out, but always seeks stimulation. While you are greedy for new things, you are attracted to permanent things. As a passionate adventurer, he values ​​simple, sincere, and above all, authenticity. FOOTWEAR Hiking shoes have been updated with lightweight materials like spring and summer, and the sneakers VEGAS and BIENNE have a casual atmosphere. COURMAYEUR capsules are not only design, but also a hybrid structure that incorporates vibram sole and water repellent treatment. BAGS Practical and versatile bags such as HAWKE and RAY backpacks with a new logo combine the perfect size and design for everyday use READY-TO-WEAR The design approach by Barry craftsmen brings new sensibilities to the Spring / Summer 2020 collection. A variety of sophisticated design items are available. The outer was made according to the temperature of various places. Gabardine trenches are styled with leather belts, leather pants or yarn-dyed pants. A 12 gauge cotton rib knit is deployed on the bomber jacket that has been subjected to enzyme cleaning. DETAILS COLOR The Spring / Summer 2020 collection is a classic varieties of stones with blurry pale colors, such as sky shades, and colors that are heavily influenced by nature, such as Tope, Clay Brown, Mandarin Orange, Jade, Army Green, Indigo and Navy. Red is added. TEXTURES & MATERIALS Use not only pleats, top stitches, micro waffles, bonding leather, stretch leather, soft suede, silk twill, crepes and jacquard weave, but also parachute cotton, lightweight wool, and shirred wool. THE INSTALLATION The second installation of BALLY, designed by Kinmonth + Monfreda Studio design duo, Antonio Monfreda and Patrick Kinmonth, explores the real meaning of being at home. Stepping into a carefully-designed space filled with natural light, especially in the courtyard, will stir up your curiosity. The passage to this familiar place connects the intimate space where residents live their daily lives. Sounds and scenes capture everyday moments like reading a book, playing a board game, or drinking tea. Men and women dressed in the 2020 Spring / Summer collection come into contact with the outside world as residents. Two or three gardeners take care of the orchard and watch the growth. We expressed such a peaceful time, respect for nature, and peaceful daily life.

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