Mr. Hara from Kingdom appeared in the special project “Supernatural Nature Quiz 2019 in Fukuoka !!”

Massenext Mr. Hara from Kingdom appeared in the special project “Supernatural Nature Quiz 2019 in Fukuoka !!” Who wins the quiz king’s crown in the 15th after conquering the Aimyon problem? ? ……………………………………………………………………………………………
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“Uchimura Sama-zu SECOND” (Amazon Prime Video exclusive distribution), which will be distributed on September 23 (Monday), is a very popular project “Super Nature Quiz 2019 in Fukuoka !! A parachute unit from Fukuoka is greeted as a guest MC, and the inside will challenge a number of quizzes on the Fukuma coast in Fukuoka Prefecture. The bottom is to pay for all the drinks held on the previous day as a supernatural quiz eve! On the eve of the festival, they are close friends with the parachute unit, Prof. Hara, the creator of the popular manga “Kingdom,” who is also from Fukuoka and is now addicted, is a real appearance. A kingdom quiz is also developed to take over the excitement and a great battle is unfolded! ”The 15th popular event“ Supernatural Nature Quiz ”will be held in Fukuoka from the parachute unit proposal. In the first half of the game, the program started off with a parachute unit that couldn’t hide the tension of the popular guest MC, but the inside was as weak as usual, but the author of the “kingdom” from the parachute unit Dr. Hara The inside of a special present, an autograph from, will be exciting. While challenging various quizzes, including the “Kingdom” genre, sexual harassment was discovered through the quizzes to the beauty manager of Masamura Mimura’s parachute unit! Parachute troops bride and Hakata beauty participated as guest questions. The parachute unit that Uchimura is unrelenting is tossed by Saito’s daughter-in-law. Serious quiz battles developed by weak men in the second half. In the quiz on the theme of street interviews with Hakata beauty, a real image of the insider members is discovered, and some members become seriously dark. And at the end of the program, Mr. Hara’s Kingdom Special Quiz was presented. Mr. Hara, a must-see for fans, is a quiz about the kingdom of kingdom. Who will win the fifteen-and-a-half-year hot battle and win the crown of the 15th quiz king! ? And who will pay for the eve! ? URL:
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【 Performer 】
Mitsuyoshi Uchimura, sama-zu
[# 324 Guest MC]
Parachute unit
[# 324 Information]
The final edition of the “Super Grand Nature Quiz”, a midsummer festival from Fukuoka, a place recommended by parachute units! Continuing with the first half of the game, which showed an incandescence that blows away the bad rain pattern, In the second half of the game, fierce battles will be held by quizzes who love quizzes! I want to answer “Aimyon!” It is getting more and more heated and finally develops into a great fight! ? In addition, the large reversing dice that produced a last-minute reversal of power lasts a year, and this year, it will come out again and hit the highest score ever! ? An unforgettable first summer! Who will receive the crown of the 15th quiz king! ? ※ “Natural nature quiz” past times # 25 Nature Quiz # 29 New Year! Supernatural quiz # 36 “Supernatural Nature Quiz-Spring Team” # 46 “Supernatural Nature Quiz-Summer Team” # 70 “Supernatural Nature Quiz-Super Summer Team” # 93 # 94 “Supernatural Quiz 2010 in Okinawa! ! ]
# 117 # 118 “Supernatural Quiz in Okinawa 2011! ! ]
# 141 “Supernatural Nature Quiz 2012! ! “Summer Team” # 166 # 167 “Supernatural quiz 2013! ! ~ The Change of Lion ~ ” # 190 # 191 “Supernatural Quiz in Guam !!?” # 216 # 217 “Supernatural Nature Quiz 2015! ! in JAPAN # 244 # 245 “Supernatural Quiz 2016! ! in NAGAHAMA! ]
# 270 # 271 “Supernatural Nature Quiz 2017 in Taiwan” # 297 # 298 Supernatural Nature Quiz 2018 in Isogo !!
■ Parachute Unit Profile A comedy combination by Yu Saito and Pepe Yano. Active mainly in Kyushu. Formed in 1999. TV West Japan “Gori Para Memoir” “Bali Sugo 8” “Momochihama Store” Fukuoka Broadcasting “Nandemo Special Missions Discovery Rakukaku!” “Mentai Wide”, KBC Radio “PAO-N” and others.
■ What is “Uchimura Sama-zu”? This is a variety program that started as an Internet distribution program in November 2006, and the performers Mitsuyoshi Uchimura and Sama-zu have welcomed guests as “moderators” each time, and the program progressed in a random and random manner. . The free air feeling with fewer restrictions unique to Internet distribution has been gaining popularity, and after the Internet distribution, terrestrial television broadcasts will be made on TOKYO MX. In 2015, the movie “Uchimura Sama-zu THE MOVIE Angel” was also released. Also, the program has been continuously made into a DVD and has been supported by many core fans. Regarding DVD sales, “Uchimura Sama-zu vol.40” released July 25, 2012, from Guinness World Records “Most DVDs released by a Japanese style variety show) ”on Guinness World Records Certification. Official site URL:

For more information about this release(Japanese): ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

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