Voleas Hokkaido | Press conference with two new players

VOREAS Inc. Voleas Hokkaido | Press conference with two new players 21-year-old active university student Ryoto Honzawa and 19-year-old Taiwan representative Zhang Ikuo joined Voleas Hokkaido VOREAS Co., Ltd. (location: Asahikawa City, Hokkaido, President and Representative Director Kenshiro Ikeda) held a conference with two new players including Higashikawa on Wednesday, October 9 A 21st-year-old active university student Ryoto Honzawa and a 19-year-old Taiwan representative, Chang Yu Shen, held a press conference from the new member of the Boreas Hokkaido Newcomer, held at Higashikawa-cho Complex Exchange Facility Sentopure II. Voleas Hokkaido, joined by Turkish flag Kisar Murat Han in August, will welcome three new forces for the opening game in November. [Image

From left: Kenji Ikeda (President of VOREAS Co., Ltd.), Ryoto Motozawa, Iku Zhang, Yuhei Furuhata (General Manager of Boreas Hokkaido) At the conference, Yuhei Kihei, the general manager of the team, introduced the background of the acquisition, and the two new players expressed their enthusiasm. Both Honzawa and Zhang have already joined the team practice. Motozawa played an active part in many national tournaments while studying at Yantai Gakuen High School, a prestigious volleyball school. In 3rd year of high school, National High School General Sports Tournament (Inter High) Winner / Excellent Player Award, All Japan Volleyball High School Championship Tournament (Spring High Valley) Winner, National Private High School Men and Women Volleyball Championship Winner, National Sports Tournament Winner and Overwhelming Show a strong strength. I was currently in my third year at university and wanted to take a leave of university for a higher-level environment and wanted to play as a V-League team. I was interested in Voleas Hokkaido and told the team that I wanted to join the team. It was. The team became a reality in response to the intention of the team. Zhang was elected as Taiwan A representative despite his young age, and is the most promising player in the Taiwan volleyball world. Following Taiwanese captain Chin Ken Tei, he decided to join Voleas Hokkaido to challenge himself. Visited Japan after a conference held in Taipei on Monday, September 30th. On the 9th of today, when I joined the conference in Japan, I attended the entrance ceremony of the Higashikawa Japanese Language School (http://higashikawa-jls.com/) and scheduled to take a short course of 2.5 months from the next day. Joined player comment Motozawa “I want to overcome the challenges from the manager and make it into volleyball. I want to contribute to the promotion of V1 by leaving the results in V2 for the team ’s goal of winning V1. The biggest challenge is that you are not too tall, workout to increase your jumping power so that you can’t decide from the top of the block, the goal is 15cm up” Zhang “The season will start soon, so I will do my best to show good support to the supporters of the Voleas Hokkaido. The ball will be gathered, so we will definitely decide the ball that everyone has connected. It ’s fast ” Joining player information Number 6 Name Ryoto Honzawa (Ryoto Honzawa) Nationality Japan Age 21 years old Height / weight 180cm / 77kg Position setter Career: Yantai Gakuen High School → Rikkyo University 3rd year (closed) Number 14 Name: Chang Yu Shen Nationality Taiwan Age 19 years old Height / weight 188cm / 85kg Maximum reach 340cm Position Opposite Career Transfer from Thai Power, just selected as A representative from Taiwan’s U23 category Awards 3rd Asian U23 Men’s Championship Best Opposite Award [Voleas Hokkaido] Born in October 2016 as Japan’s first professional volleyball team. Participated in V.LEAGUE, the highest volleyball league in Japan from the 2017/18 season, won the first year (3rd league), and won the championship in the 2018-19 season. Promotion to V.LEAGUE DIVISION2 has been decided from the 2019-20 season. Unique players, mainly Shiro Furuta, who has experience in Japan, gather. The head coach is led by Ed Klein (Croatia) who has a proven track record around the world. The team slogan is “Children of the Revolution”. As its slogan is, it has a reputation for innovative ideas and team management methods. ・ Official website voreas.co.jp/ ・ Official twitter https://twitter.com/voreas_official ・ Official Facebook www.facebook.com/voreas.hokkaido/ ・ Official Instagram www.instagram.com/voreas_official/ ・ Official LINE line.me/R/ti/p/%40xbt7617o

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