Regular events for children at Accordia Golf! “The First Tee Program” to learn life skills through golf

Accordia Golf Co., Ltd. Regular events for children at Accordia Golf! “The First Tee Program” to learn life skills through golf The program theme is “honesty” …………………………………………………………………………………………… Accordia Golf Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President and CEO: Yuko Tashiro) is a program of “The First T” aimed at supporting the sound personality development of children through golf. The event was held on Saturday, September 28 at the Sobu Country Club (Hachioji City, Tokyo) with 22 children participating. In this day’s program, I learned about “honesty” while enjoying activities.
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On this day, I learned “honesty” of Nine Core Values “The First T” was born in the United States in 1997 and is an educational program with more than 15.5 million participants worldwide. Nine core values ​​such as “courtesy”, “confidence” and “sportsmanship” will be learned from the program. The company provides a “sport for golf as a sport” for the children who will lead the next generation, and not only teaches golf skills but also engages in a training program aimed at creating healthy people through golf.・ Supported “First T” activities and sponsored as a Gold Sponsor from FY2016. Currently, program events are regularly held in-house at five golf courses and one practice field.
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Which is closer? Report your own score ”Honest” is the theme of the program at the Sobu Country Club on Saturday, September 28th. With a total of 19 coaches and assistant coaches certified by the program, we conducted activities for about 2 hours. In games and courses on the putting green, we were able to count the number of hits and tell them honestly. This is a lesson where you learn the life skills of “honesty” through the unique rules of golf, where you are the referee and you declare a penalty yourself if you violate the rules. You can apply what you have learned here, such as at school and at home, in places other than golf courses.
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Pair with your friends for a mini round In the future, we will continue to hold program events regularly in various places in order to increase the chances that as many children as possible can enjoy playing in the wilderness while playing golf.
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You can practice here in your everyday life. About The First Tee A non-profit organization headquartered in the World Golf Hall of America. The purpose of the activity is to “provide learning facilities and educational programs that promote various values ​​that bring character development and fulfillment to life through golf for children, and teach“ life skills ”and values ​​of life”. The The program is designed not only to nurture junior golfers, but also to create healthy human formations through golf, with a cumulative total of 15.5 million people in over 200 branches and 1,300 facilities worldwide. The above children participated. Accordia Golf started sponsoring “The First T of Japan” in 2016 and currently operates its own program events at six facilities. “The First T Program” venue Kanto International Country Club (Tochigi Prefecture) Narita Golf Club (Chiba Prefecture) Sobu Country Club (Tokyo) Minoseki Country Club (Gifu Prefecture) Yamanohara Golf Club (Hyogo Prefecture) Accordia Garden Koshien Beach (Hyogo Prefecture)
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Currently operating program events at 6 facilities Accordia Golf In order for golf to become a sport that can be easily played, not only enthusiastic golfers but also people who have never had the opportunity to touch golf so far, such as “self play” and “through play” As a comprehensive golf service industry, we are striving to create a new golf scene that has never existed, such as proposing new playing styles and starting point card services through the ACCORDIA GOLF point program. As of October 9, 2019, it operates 133 golf courses and 27 golf driving ranges nationwide (including contract management and consulting contracts). The First Tee Program is aimed at creating healthy people through golf, focusing on the creation of new golfers and the development of junior golfers, including the introduction of the registered junior golfer system “Accordia Kids”. “Also implemented from 2016. In June 2019, Narita Golf Club PGA TOUR Champions “Mastercard Japan Championship” will be held, and in October the first PGA TOUR tournament “ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP” will be held at Accordia Golf Narashino Country Club. As the only company in Japan that runs the PGA TOUR tournament holding course, we will continue to aim to be the world’s best golf management company.

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