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Fumiya Hayakawa gave a lecture at his home school, Kobari Junior High School

Albirex Niigata Corporation Fumiya Hayakawa gave a lecture at his home school, Kobari Junior High School …………………………………………………………………………………………… Visit: Niigata City Kobashi Junior High School (Koichi Needle 1-37-1, Nishi-ku, Niigata City) Players visiting: Fumiya Hayakawa Participants: 840 1st to 3rd graders
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This afternoon, a lecture entitled “Realization of Dreams – Message to Juniors” was held at Niigata City’s Kobari Junior High School in Nishi-ku, Niigata City. Participating was Fumaya Hayakawa, a graduate of Kouji Junior High School. The gymnasium of my old school that I visited after a long time was smiling, saying, “It has not changed. Mr. Hayakawa said, “I am glad to have you call me (to my alma mater). If I can understand my experience and realize my dreams,” I said the pleasure of visiting my alma mater.
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Mr. Hayakawa said about Kobuchi Junior High School, which has a lot of memories, “Bunmu Ryodo. As the word suggests, not only did all 840 students listen enthusiastically but also actively asked questions, the school style of Kobira Junior High School was revealed.
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He told his juniors about his own experiences, from his junior high school days, his university days, and his career as a professional soccer player in Albirex Niigata. From my various experiences, the message “What you hear is different from what you see. It ’s important to look at something fun even when it ’s painful.” It should have resonated in the hearts of junior high school students who spend a lot of time. is.
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At the end of the lecture, Mr. Hayakawa sent a message saying that “Kobashi Junior High School has an enthusiastic history. I want you to take over the goodness of the region and the school. In addition to receiving questions, Hayakawa sometimes returned questions to the students, but after reflecting on the lecture, “I wanted to draw out more stories”, there were a lot of thoughts I wanted to convey to my junior students Because it was. Hayakawa, who renewed his determination to show himself playing in the game and be proud of his juniors, not only communicated a message to his junior students but also received positive energy from his juniors. And it must keep moving forward. Thank you to all of Ko Needle Junior High School. Next time, I would like you to witness the male appearance at the Denka Big Swan Stadium.

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