[BOULCOM Co., Ltd.] Sponsor companies gather for the bouldering competition organized by BOULCOM

BOULCOM Co., Ltd. Supporting companies gather for the bouldering competition organized by BOULCOM Attracting more attention from related and unrelated companies to the tournament run by BOULCOM Co., Ltd., which was selected as a Chiyoda Ward subsidy project …………………………………………………………………………………………… The sponsoring company has decided on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games mood development business in Chiyoda-ku. [Image 1

Featured bouldering at Tokyo 2020
Given the high level of awareness of sport climbing, which has become an official event of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the following companies are participating in the “BOUL Con” bouldering competition (meeting) hosted by BOULCOM Co., Ltd., which operates the bouldering gym. Thank you for your support. [Image 2

List of sponsors
◆ Main sponsor company Limited company Kanda Toyoshimaya
◆ Supporting companies ITO EN Co., Ltd. Sundance Outdoors Inc. Seven A Co., Ltd. Sea Trim Co., Ltd. Saw Experience Co., Ltd. Unimat Life Co., Ltd. ◎ Bouldering features ◎ In order to experience bouldering, not only sports clothes, dedicated shoes, chalk (non-slip) and prepared items are very few compared to other sports, but the bouldering facilities in Tokyo are also accessible and physically It is one of the familiar sports. However, in a survey conducted by our company in the past (2016 conducted in Tokyo, women in their 20s to 40s, 50 subjects, interview method), the degree of recognition was 95% and experienced at least one bouldering experience Was less than 10%. ◎ Aim to hold BOUL con ◎ Although awareness is rising towards the Tokyo Olympics, we believe that activities are needed to gain further recognition as part of leisure and hobbies through experience. For this reason, we aim not only to bring bouldering to various channels, but also to foster the benefits of cooperation and the environment and mechanisms that enable cooperation for corporations that support them. This time, more than half of the companies that supported the company are non-bouldering companies. Starting from this business, we will make efforts to make Bouldering a media that attracts attention in various fields, and will continue to increase the number of partner companies. [Image 3

◎ Reason for attention ◎ The reason behind this is that at the IFSC Climbing World Championship Hachioji Tournament held in August 2019, Japanese athletes have achieved excellent results such as men bouldering won the championship and women bouldering runner-up runner-up. As the results of the Olympics are also expected, we can see that TV and magazine exposure to sports climbing is increasing. [Image 4

◎ Future outlook ◎ The domestic bouldering market in 2019 is expected to exceed 11 billion yen (according to our research). Bouldering gyms in various prefectures often hold competitions for general consumers, but as a bouldering gym service that can be enjoyed by beginners and inexperienced people, which is our concept, we encourage bouldering competition to penetrate. Do. The tournament that will be held on October 19th will aim to participate from a broad base, taking a form that allows people who are not familiar with bouldering to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. [Image 5

-About BOULCOM- Established in 2016 when anyone wants to do bouldering in a comfortable and comfortable space without fear of anyone. It is open from 7:00 to 23:00 on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays so that you can enjoy bouldering before work or after school. We want to create a place that provides such an opportunity through communication through bouldering (Communication). That’s why I made the word BOULCOM. Bouldering + Communcation = BOULCOM [Image 6

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